New Zealand’s ‘Woke’ Prime Minister Responds to ISIS Attack by Condemning Islamophobia

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New Zealand's Prime Minister responds to ISIS attack by condemning Islamophobia

New Zealand’s ‘woke’ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern responded to an Islamist terror attack at a supermarket by condemning Islamophobia.

Six people were wounded, leaving three fighting for their lives, after an ISIS terrorist went on a stabbing rampage at a supermarket in Auckland.

The jihadist was known to national security agencies since 2016 and was being “monitored constantly” but was “not allowed to be kept in prison by law.”

One of Ardern’s first concerns straight after the attack, carried out by an Islamist, was that people might be mean to Muslims. reports: Ardern said any backlash against the Muslim community “would be wrong,” and that the attacker “is who is responsible, no one else”.

“What happened today was despicable, it was hateful, it was wrong. It was carried out by an individual, not a faith,” she added.

In the aftermath of an attack on a Christchurch mosque in 2019 by a white supremacist, Ardern’s concern over a “backlash” against white people was strangely absent.

Due to “systemic racism” and “white privilege,” the only race it’s acceptable to blame for the actions of one demented individual is whites.

Any attacks by Muslims, despite being explicitly motivated by the ideology, are immediately brushed off as “lone wolf” incidents and any suggestion that Islam inspired them is verboten.


  1. Anyone who can’t smell the stench of corruption all over New Zealand, and for at least the last 30 years has no nose. Its a stinking pile of white supremacist sycophantic deceits,

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