Nigel Farage Says Spending £350 Million On NHS Is A “Mistake”

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Britain voted to leave the EU on Thursday based on promises by Leave campaigners that the £350 million destined for the coffers of the EU each week could be better spent on the NHS.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage now says that he can’t guarantee the money would be spent on the NHS.

Voters across Britain saw slogans on campaign buses leading up to the EU referendum saying: “We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead.”

“Let’s take control back. Vote Leave.”

Nigel Farage admitted on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show on Friday that the promise to fund the national health service with £350 million a week EU money was a “mistake.”

NHS Digital Spy reports:

Farage, who wasn’t part of the official Vote Leave campaigning group and affiliated to a group called Leave.EU, repeatedly claimed the money the UK gives to the EU would be better spent elsewhere during his Brexit campaign.

In its campaigning literature, the Vote Leave campaign claimed: “Let’s give our NHS the £350 million the EU takes every week” and “We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead”.

But when pressed as to how and when that money would find its way into the health service, Farage has said: “It wasn’t one of my adverts. I would never have made that claim. That was one of the mistakes I think that the Leave campaign made.”

During the interview, Farage also denied that he had any ambitions to become Prime Minister, saying his main goal was to get the UK out of the EU.

But when pressed by Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, he said it looked as though the next Conservative Party leadership contest would be between pro-Brexit MPs Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox.

It comes after the news that David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister.