NYPD Filmed Repeatedly Punching Man’s Head In Bronx McDonald’s

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Disturbing footage has appeared on Instagram showing a man being brutally beaten while pinned down in a McDonald’s restaurant by New York police.

The alleged attack happened on May 4 when Darnell Simmons was punched and kicked by police officers at a Bronx McDonald’s restaurant during an arrest.

Metro reports:

A policeman and a civilian held the man down, while a second officer puts handcuffs on the 27-year-old suspect.

The officer with the cuffs then knees Simmons in the head, before repeatedly punching him.

Panicked onlookers can be heard shouting at the officers not to punch the man.

Although the incident happened in May, the video was only posted to Instagram on Friday – prompting the NYPD to investigate.

Officials tried to justify the officers’ actions by claiming Simmons had started it by resisting arrest.

They said the footage is only a 30 second clip from a longer, five minute video that allegedly showed the young man punching, kicking and biting officers.

Michael Palladino, head of the Detectives Endownment Association, told NBC News: ‘The short video clip does not tell the real story.

‘The entire seven-minute video captures what cops really had to deal with to overcome this guy’s violent resistance, and spells out necessary force to me.’

An NYPD spokesman added that Simmons was being arrested on a parole warrant, and on suspicion of a series of burglaries in the Bronx and Manhattan.

However, the department’s internal affairs bureau is now investigating the arrest.


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