Oregon Child Sex Ring Uncovered: “They’re Worth $5000 A Night”

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Investigators in Oregon have discovered a child sex ring in which kids are sold as sex slaves to high ranking pedophiles for $5,000 a night.

Investigators in Oregon have discovered a massive child sex ring in which children were sold as sex slaves to high ranking pedophiles for as much as $5,000 a night.

Curry County residents Genevieve Wilson and Jackalene Antunes say they are working to help child victims of human trafficking in Southern Oregon, with very little help from the government.

Currypilot.com reports: Soroptimist International, of which Wilson is a member, is trying to educate the public that it’s not just a Third World occurrence, while Antunes, the director of Wally’s House in Gold Beach, interviews children in abusive situations with an ear now fine-tuned to the lingo of the sexually abused.

“One thing that always shocks people is that they get hold of these kids — the target group is boys aged 11 to 13 and 10- to 14-year-old girls,” Wilson said.

“There’s not as much money in drugs anymore as there is in human trafficking. They take a young child and on a good night, can make $3,000 to $5,000.”

Coercion and ‘love’

The young kids are often befriended by a man — although incidences involving women exist, as well — who eventually bring them in under their control.

They reassure a child’s insecurities, drive a wedge between them and friends and family, buy them clothes and ultimately bring them into the underworld of illegal sex trafficking. They keep the children there using threats and abuse.

“I moved her way out in the country or to another city,” one trafficker admitted on the Rebecca Bender Initiative website, where a Grants Pass trafficking victim is trying to educate people about the problem.

“At first, I felt excited to be in a new adventure, a new town,” his survivor said. “After a while, I felt I had no one to turn to, nowhere to go.”

The tale is common.

“He even controlled who I called on my cell,” another victim wrote. “I felt sick to my stomach as he read my text messages wondering if the smallest thing would tick him off.”

Or, “I threatened to hurt people she loved,” one abuser admitted. “And, I knew he was capable of this. The abuse was a small price to pay to keep them safe.”

The children themselves lie to their parents, are reported as runaways or suddenly disappear.

Sexual predators then use the internet — it leaves no paper trail and any action derived from it is more difficult to prosecute in court — to lure adults to hotel rooms for sexual acts with minors. They’re becoming more mobile, too, using campers and parking at large festivals at which they send the children out to lure in customers.

“It’s the oldest way people have made money,” Antunes said. “The sad thing is, the victims keep getting younger. People watch to have a child sexually abused on the internet.”

If a child tries to run away and is captured, they are often branded on the hand, between thumb and first finger, a lingering reminder of who “owns” them and the punishment to follow if they try to escape again.

“It’s everywhere,” Wilson said. “We’re trying to save lives here.”

While Atunes looks for clues in their speech, stories and body language, she is also close to having Wally’s House certified so physicians can physically evaluate possible victims to determine if they have been sexually assaulted.

Wilson and Antunes hope to bring a presentation to local schools to spread awareness of the problem, which is increasing across the United States. As in the illegal drug trade, Interstate 5 is a common travel route for traffickers, but Highway 101 is another.

Wally’s house, at 94166 Eighth St. in Gold Beach, is a non-profit organization that takes tips from law enforcement, teachers and others that a child might be in trouble at home or with relatives nearby. Through forensic interviewing techniques, they can determine if a child is being abused and needs to enter the foster care system, or even groomed by someone to hit the streets as a sex worker.

“It’s a family business in a lot of ways,” Antunes said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of children don’t know,” Wilson concurred. “They might have an aunt bring them in (to the sex trade).”

The horror stories abound. Increasingly, so do the stories of survivors.

The Rebecca Bender Initiative in Grants Pass offers hope to those who want out — if they can get out.

The number of victims — many of them not yet teenagers — are often too scared to talk to authorities. They might be too scared to talk to their parents — and in some cases, their parents are the perpetrators.

With budget cuts at the state and county levels, Josephine County was forced to close its Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Force three years ago, and as of six months ago, didn’t have any detectives specializing in sex crimes. Medford has three who address sex crimes; of those, one deals in human trafficking.

According to Wilson, a woman named Ella Smillie — she doesn’t know if that’s her real name — has a bounty on her head as a sex trafficking survivor who has brought the issue into the national domain.

“In one 24-hour period, I could end up being forced to sleep with five men,” she told Grants Pass reporters last year. “Sometimes I could be forced to sleep with 12 men. You can sell drugs once, but you can sell a girl over and over again.”

There are about 100,000 young children involved in the trade in the United States, according to the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking. In 2016, 72 cases were reported in Oregon, of which 51 were sexual in nature. Other types of trafficking include slave labor and sex.

Of those 72, 61 were girls.

And officials believe those numbers don’t represent the extent of the underreported crime.


  1. Castration of the perpetrators of this heinous crime is the minimum the state of Oregon should implement in lieu of incarceration to contain the costs of prosecution of so many sicko’s.

      • I’m not usually in favor but these predators ruin lives & so far there doesn’t seem to be a cure – so removing them from society seems to be the only safe option.

  2. My No1 investment in the presidency of DJT. That the government will smash this vile and growing cancer. The more nefarious aspect of the trade is whereby secret societies use pedophilia, sometimes child murder, as means to compromise, blackmail and control the behavior of senior public officials.

    • you’re delusional to think he’s going to do anything to help people in the US. lol He’s probably part of the child sex ring.

      • Indeed, his history shows that if it makes him money, it’s a good thing. That’s the extent of his morality.

        • ACTUALLY you are wrong. Those close to the POTUS will tell you that he has planned this all his life and he lives to outsmart the Deep State and to crush them before he is done.

      • We know the Clintons are. Google all the stories about them visiting the Lolita Express and the island with children in slavery there. They have a huge history of pedophilia.

      • You do not know of what you speak. People like yourself are what is impeding our President to do the things that need to be done, such as this. You have hindered his every move, and just because he hasn’t cured the U.S. of everything in 8 months that took Obama 8 years to destroy, you already know what he will and will not do. My, aren’t you smart? If you and your liberal cronies would just shut up, you might be quite surprised and what Mr. Trump can accomplish. The reason he is in that office is because people like myself, got fed up with the mess Obama and his cronies had made of our country. Sex trafficking has exploded since Muslims and other illegal immigrants have infiltrated our society. So much for the effectiveness of the liberal trail.

        • They know more than you think, and know many of the elite who are involved ..but since we allowed it to get so big..(it is no different than the mafia days, they work the same, mind control has been mastered years ago). Problem many of the investigators who we have talk to in our group trying to make awareness, stated it is so big, and people who you have admired that will shock you.. It cannot be taken down fast, it will be such a destruction too quick. They state about 30% within the government WH has or had involvement in this financial and/or own pleasure. Hilary was mostly in this for the money, but she has ran the pedi rings more international through poor countries. Haiti is one. Sad but true if you are a supporter, but I do not care who you are, you are scum in my book. She is shaking in her shoes, like many of them Dem and Rep alike. Why do you think they are paying the media to create so many smoke screens? Old trick . Why do you think people like Obama is still staying so close and not retiring ? It is common when involved in crimes like this, if they move out of the picture they get caught, they have to stay in the media distracting things to keep it away from the lime light on them. They are scared.. And is it not strange something that has been going on for years and years.. I mean big rings, finally when Trump gets in, we are for the first time actually learning, and exposing and having bust.. Hmm mm

          • Absolutely! Trump is the first one to even attempt to do something about it, but the mafia that owns the media, is trying to divert his attention.

        • The good American people will do everything in their power to stop this DJT from spreading. Obama was a flawless president. Our economy grew, our boarders were safe and we had 8 years of incredible prosperity. We must make sure that we do not give DJT any chance whatsoever. Look what he did to Obama, payback is a bitch.

      • you must know Hilary is internationally involved with this..has been but they are protected, it has gone on so long and for so many years many people even some judges, law enforcement and people of high power, they protect..why? Because they do not want their names to come up.. It has gone on so easy for many many years, it got easy, not anymore. Even our past vice president is on the top of the hit list of child pedi rings and abuser. For entertainment of course. It will blow your mind who is on the hit list, and it is around 30% of our PAST government. Many will refuse to believe it but that is exactly why it continues, but not believing and supporting or protecting someone who is doing it just because you were brainwashed to LIKE them in some way. It is real, it is big and been for years. Finally we are getting at least some awareness. The White House had quit a few, Dem and Rep alike, it is a group, some are not in term anymore. Hint hint. But it is slowing getting weeded out or they are retiring, or leaving politics etc. Many of the elite you may admire due to wealth or celebrity, are apart of this.. We aware.

        • EXACTLY! Keep speaking the truth. This sick shit must fall. People who fight these exposures and who fight the prosecution of these child predators are part of the system and must be ignored with the contempt they deserve until the Truth emerges and prosecutions are possible.

    • Naive fool. Trump will do nothing about it. He’s already proven himself inept beyond hope of redemption.

    • You mean the guy who bragged about sexually assaulting women and walking in on naked teens at his beauty contests?

        • I never believed all of those fake stories by bribed women anyway. Trump is doing a fantastic job, but the “useful idiots’ of the former administration refuse to see it.

          • They don’t want their golden goose to end.. which will if they finally get found out about all the corruption

          • Those fake stories of his actual voice on tape? And his admission of doing those things. Those fake stories? God help the USA.

          • Wow you are part of the problem Sharon Hess. Get your blinders off and turn on your listening ears.

        • I always get a kick out of women who support that piece of shit. I guess no guy is enough of a fucking scum bag for you ladies. Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scummier he is the more you groupies like him. Do you fantasize about being wife number four?

          • Funny DJT was surrounded by beautiful women for five decades and NEVER had any accusations of assault against women until he started running against HRC. His transgressions are NOTHING like this! You’re obviously one of these sick paedo scum that are invested in trying to create straw men arguments to change the topic and project your fucking evil on your enemy when you’re cornered. POS!

          • Oddly enough that’s not unsurprising given the rich and famous seem to be easily accused of that stuff. The accusation of molesting a child is a dangerous one for the simple fact people do lose objectivity and automatically render a verdict of guilt against the accused, and when that doesn’t happen in court it’s “they were paid off.” “The system failed the victim” etc etc.. as if people don’t make up lies to dig into people’s pockets or destroy reputations of those they may absolutely hate.

            It’d be more inclined the average Joe who receives 17 accusations is guilty than I would be someone that’s rich and powerful but regardless of that investigation is warranted but it is suspicious when people who oppose him come forward with these accusations when he’s running for POTUS. This is why we should not normalize the practice of allowing accusers to come forward decades later.

          • I agree with you. The problem with a person such as DJT is that he tells us who he is directly to our faces and some people do not process this, or they dismiss it as fake news. The news can not be fake when it comes directly from him. People are also excited to be justified for their own sense of self as they can now feel that a prominent person is just like them. DJT has supported the perception that the rich are bad people by he himself having virtually no redeeming qualities to speak of. It is unusual to find a person that is purely a bad person. The fact that he has been voted in as president is a testament to what our society is actually made up of. There is absolutely no way this will not turn out badly. If there is no consequence from this circumstance the message that will be absorbed will be that there is no benefit derived from being a decent person, and life will become very difficult. We are going backwards and fast.

          • funny how info is a click of the finger and you never looked at trumps court records of 13 rape cases

          • You don’t really believe this garbage do you? Cause if you do,. I got a plan to get rid of ISIS in 30 days, a plan to repeal and replace ACA on day one, I know things. More bigly things than the genetal,. Or and I am going to make Mexico pay for the wall.

          • His victims sue him and he keeps them in perpetual court for years, just like he does everyone else that he owes money to. The 13 year old child that trump raped came forward and the trashy trumpsters threatened to kill her….that is why victims don’t come forward!

          • Some of the absolute stupidest people leave comments on here. How do you function without any common sense?

        • do you just troll articles and then blame whatever it is on Trump? There hasn’t even been enough time with him in office to make that sort of study. I would say IF this has gone up it would be seeping over from the former admin. Just like economics can and does take years for the results to show up from laws and choices in DC. But you are likely too blind and don’t realize the MSM is the most liberal piece of crap show in the history of the world!

          • Correction: 13 ACCUSATIONS. It’s a common way to legally extract money from a prominent figure who has money.

          • absolutley correct.. How can you believe some that does not report it right away. Coming out years later… certainly must not be very important to them.

          • I’ve often wondered that myself. I can’t seem to find any records of Trump’s conviction of any rape…let alone 13. The MSM makes mountains out of molehills. If they can’t find something big on Trump, they’ll invent one and the sheep bleetingly follow along. Sheesh.

          • You know this is fake news right…. provide your evidence! You cannot! Do not bring politics into a very serious epidemic! You are blocking progress! 😉

          • I think voiceofreason1 stated that the ARRESTS have skyrocketed. Which in my mind is a great thing. More sex offenders locked away. Maybe that’s not what the statement was supposed to mean, but that was the message I got from their statement.

        • Actually, that is NOT true. Over the past 8 months the domestic sex trade operations have increased exponentially. Our boarders are less safe today and in the same way racism has increased in the US, the population that is aware of Trumps tolerance and personal experience with abusing minors opens the flood gates for this behavior to proliferate. The only arrests in the US that have been occurring are low level operators involved in turf wars.

        • What is your source for that information? He hasn’t spoken one word about a dedication to that – especially because he’s been a guest to many pedo-parties himself. #Epstein

        • You are an idiot. You are talking out your butt because you do not know that. It’s people like you who perpetuate false rumors.

      • I suppose you think Hillary isn’t responsible for all those suicides either , oh and of course Bill didn’t have interns under the oval office desk

        • Back to the Clintons and those emails again. Yep, you’re a true trumpster…deflect, deflect, deflect. Look up all the Russians who have mysteriously died because of the intel they have on trump and putin. One journalist was getting ready to release a story on Putin being a pedophile himself.

      • You talking about the guy who was friends with a pedophile? Dumpster and Clinton were friends with a guy named Epstein who liked to throw parties and provide his friends with children for sexual entertainment. So if you’re looking to Dumpster to help these kids, don’t hold your breath. Dumpster is a fucking freak from way back.

        • I have read a few personal messages by folks that were abused by Clinton and Clinton,the sex sales masters of all time, your an idiot if you think Hillary was a saint on this one…and as far as Trump goes, where are the photos, the dipshits coming foreward saying he did this or that to a minor???? I would say your comment is coming from the left, we expect no facts, not substance, and blame everyone for what your flawed candidate is guilty of but has immunity as they are all criminal traitors selling out our country to foreign interests….time to wake up buddy.

          • ‘Clinton and Clinton,the sex sales masters of all time’

            Haha I get it: you’re crazy, right?

          • No boy,, your stupid. very different statement, and as for crazy, just say that to my face and I will show you justice. NOT CRAZY.

          • Lol you definitely come across as NOT CRAZY, believe me. Now go get your mess balanced.

          • Don’t be stupid. I voted for trump because hes not selling America to the highest bidder like Hillary has been doing for years, also her war on Libya and now Syria, we should not be in the business of regime change…as you do unto others as you would they do unto you. I chose him because he isn’t asking illegals to vote for him, he isn’t asking cities to harbor fugitives of justice and putting foreigners on a pedestal and expecting everyday citizens to pay for it, because he doesn’t like the Islamic tide that is coming to destroy us and has a plan to stop it with the rule of law. I can go on. need any more reasons as I can go on all day.

          • Trump is only selling America to the highest bidder, more then anyone else would dare to, he is doing it in brazen fashion. He just tells you how he isn’t while he does it. Snap out of it. Listen to his words, what he actually says. He is telling you who and what he is. A monster.

          • The court documents from the case against the Orange Pedophile are on line for you to view IF you care to. Her life was threatened by trumpsters and she had to go into hiding. Mueller is also investigating trump for sex trafficking minors he was using from his “escort” services. Trumps former wife Ivana swore in a deposition that he violently raped her, he paid he off and she kept quiet but it is in her book. This lends credibility to the 13 year olds story. With his public statement on Howard Stern about being sexually attracted to his young daughter and her friends, I think it’s safe to say, he’s a pedophile himself.

          • Trumps wife said he would make a good President and also took the rape story back. After all it was a divorce and big bucks involved. I heard what Trump said about his daughter and he did not say he was sexually attracted to her. As for as the pedophile thing I will look it up but I can’t believe if the Democrats had info they wouldn’t be shouting from the rooftops.

          • This is not about democrats, it’s about human beings. DJT is a disease and he has infected a lot of people badly.

          • HOW stupid. I am sorry for your ignorance, as its on display pretty fully just by your comments. Your an idiot. Time will tell the truth, and in time you will realize how badly you have been lied to by the democratic party and its evil minions….yes minions. not cute and yellow, but treasonous and stupid as hell.

          • It’s “you’re” not your, If you’re going to attempt to defend a pedophile at least try to appear educated. I guess they didn’t teach grammar at Trump University.

          • The people who support Trump, also support everything he does, no matter what it is. Like Trump said, “I can shoot somebody in time square and they will still support me.” No Clinton ever spoke that way. It’s an unfortunate part of society and now we can see them easier, out in the open. Do not hire them, don’t work with them, be careful when your near them as they will trump you when given a chance. Trump is the harshest curse word in the english language. A taxi driver in NYC yelled at another driver who almost hit him and said, “Your a Trump, watch where your going.” I thought wow there it is, what could attack someones values more harshly then that.

          • Clinton doesn’t have to “speak that way.” Their actions speak quite loudly for both of them. Every single person who has been scheduled to testify against them has turned up dead, all of suspicious causes, but defined as either self inflicted, or of an unusual nature. As I write this, more info is out about their cartel, which is becoming much like the Mafia is prior years. Those investigating are coming up with documents every day that she has failed to have turned over for inspection.

          • A person who defends Trump in any way is a dangerous person who is in many ways identifying with who Trump is. I can be called any name at all it will not effect me, however if someone were to call me a Trump I would be offended as doing so would be an attack of my core values as a person. I am not a democrat or republican, I vote according to who is inherently good.

          • Then your a fool. Trump is the only anti establishment we had to choose from and has been fulfilling his promises at an incredible rate. Has pushed the pedofiles in jail as well as proven he’s a great president. Go away CNN is calling you.

          • And your a traitor for supporting Hillary-totally sold out America murdered her past allies and is involved in espionage against our national security. Just ignorant Democrats. …

          • Your trying to sell the story that the Clintons are involved in the sex industry selling children, the hope is that you are aware that this is absurd. If you actually believe this you are a sick person. Responding to these things is bizarre, I wonder why a sex worker such as yourself would agree to do this even if it pays well.

          • Oh what the fuck ever, they are sick and already morally barren, why else would she allow her husband to bang any chick he co uld, and her actions also in defending a child trafficker from Haiti, you need to do your homework, quit thinking these folks are good people because the news says so, that’s sick and stupid….

        • In case you don’t understand how this system works, Epstein is a foreign intelligence operator, Mossad to be exact. He got close to Trump because the Israeli’s do this. They try to lure their victims into compromising situations and then use it to blackmail and control them. The fact that Epstein moved in close to Trump but did not manage to compromise Trump, is NO reflection on Trump who deals with world famous people all the time. At NO point has anyone managed to get Trump to get involved with depraved sexual acts. Your hatred of him already indicts you here because clearly you are willing to fight a dirty fight to defeat the president who is coming for you sick perverted scum!

          • You are either a troll or woefully uninformed or brainwashed, sorry to say. Lolita island was set up by the cabals who control those elected into high office with the sole purpose to compromise them via blackmail. Epstein was/is only the shopkeeper. His millions weren’t his millions. Others say the place is used by the Mossad for taping the compromising situations. Sex with trafficked minors, snorting of cocaine & other non kosher shenanigans. Could be true could be not. What’s clear, Bill didn’t fly there on Epstein’s Lolita Express numerous times to go sunbathe.

          • My, my….you are there with DT at all times? It turns out all the bedroom legislation is coming from a republican majority. No surprise there.

          • Your belief that” At NO point has anyone managed to get Trump to get involved with depraved sexual acts.” is not founded in fact. Trump is a buffoon and a pussy grabbing blowhard, he is the laughingstock of the entire world. Ulanda you have a dirty mouth and not a lot going for you. Wise up.

          • ….wow….that is quite a story! Epstein a foreign intelligence officer..
            Quite an imagination you have there!

        • Donald trump is a pedophile himself. He raped a 13 year old child with his convicted child molester friend Jeffrey Epstein. She sued, the court papers are online to view. Trump supporters threatened to kill her when she set up an interview to tell her side of the story. Trumps “escort” service is now under investigation for sex trafficking of minors. Trump told Howard Stern that he was sexually attracted to his daughter when she was a young girl. He bragged about getting to walk in on young girls in various stages of undress when he was running the Miss Teen contest. Yep, Dumpster is a pedophile too.

        • Yes, quite right….both DT and Bill appear implicated (equally). However, it appears possible the current is just a continuation….(check out Operation Brownstone)….and the days when pedo / sex ring was run from the WH under HW Bush.

    • You mean the Clinton foundation. Her ship for the Clinton foundation just got busted for human trafficking and drug trafficking. Moron
      Fken stop acussing Trump for everything. You piece of garbage. The democrats the ones tied up in this. Already 4 mayors and governors got busted for human trafficking. STUPID! Mother fker

    • 100%. Decent people cannot afford to look the other way and to abandon these victims. This cancer must be rooted out once for all time to come!

      • Wasn’t thinking of Trump’s kind of perversion like wanting to grabpussies which I love doing too, with consenting adults. What I was referring to is the sickos in high places who abuse, torture, rape abducted/trafficked children and, in extreme cases, kill them in satanic mumbo jumbo as omerta to bind the participants in their quest for power and mammon. If you think this stuff doesn’t happen you’re asleep or brainwashed sheeple . exDutch banker Ronald Bernard shd help you wake up. Check out his vids.

        • I get it, However Trumps demeanor and attitude doe”s nothing to help fight the problem, he has created a attitude of do what ever you want, there is no respect for consequences left in many criminal minds. #not my president, Clinton Kennedy 2020 !!!

      • You call me moron. What a sad specimen of the human race you are, enema or whatever you call yourself. Ah, I guess I must shoulder the burden of sharing this beautiful planet with a species of your kind. Stay well and try not to slip into total derangement. But if you do let your folks call me. I know a surgeon who’ll remove the chip they implanted in your cerebellum.

    • Donald trump is a pedophile himself. He raped a 13 year old child with his convicted child molester friend Jeffrey Epstein. She sued, the court papers are online to view. Trump supporters threatened to kill her when she set up an interview to tell her side of the story. Trumps “escort” service is now under investigation for sex trafficking of minors. Trump told Howard Stern that he was sexually attracted to his daughter when she was a young girl. He bragged about getting to walk in on young girls in various stages of undress when he was running the Miss Teen contest. Please do not praise a pedophile, your ignorance is part of the problem.

    • You picked the wrong guy……DJT visited Epstein’s sexual fantasy island along with Bill Clinton, and had a pedophilia sex charge against him going into the election…….

  3. The Foster Care System (CPS) is very big part of the human trafficing trade. Gov’t sanctioned. A child with and an abusive parent or with CPS is damned either way.

      • Oh, dear Emily. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I didn’t end up in foster care, but I was horribly abused, sexually, mentally, physically, verbally, etc., from age 7 (earliest memory) to age 17. I don’t ever recall being raped by my father, but the other forms of abuse came from him, including sexual, but not penetration. However, there were 3 neighbor men who raped me repeatedly. It was awful. In my mid 30’s, I began therapy and it took a long time to come to terms with everything. I know the agony of what you speak.

        I found hope in Christ, and it sounds like you have, too. I’d also like to tell you that I worked in CPS in a county in Michigan. My job was to keep track of all the children who had had reports filed as being abused. This was back before we had computers to do this, so I had to actually read the notes of the caseworker, and in many cases, type them for file this was while I worked in the state offices). One of my bosses was an idiot, but the others were terrific and took this very seriously. I later transferred to the county, and saw even more up close and personal. Often, the problem wasn’t with the department, but with the judicial system. Time after time requests were made to remove a child from a home or foster care, and the judge would just remand this to remain the same. I remember our worker returning to the office so mad tears would run down her face! I know that it is horrible in some areas in the counties across the country, but the work of so many workers is honest and compassionate.

        One of the better things to have happened in recent years, is the appointment of child advocates within the judicial system. I haven’t been able to do this due to some health issues, but I wish I could. I think it would help make me feel like I was making a difference in a child’s life, and indirectly empowering and validating my life at the same time. It might be something to look in to. Because you understand exactly how a child in the system feels, you will be a good advocate for them.

        God will use that time in your life for His glory, and what a privilege it is to be a part of that. So many women have been put in my pathway whom I am able to encourage. And, I agree with you. When these evil people stand before God on the day of judgement, it will the revenge God speaks of in His Word. It will be worse than anything I can possibly imagine. At the same time, think of how it will be for us who believe and trust in Him…..the scars of our past will be removed and we will be fully freed of the bondage of those memories. What glory that will be, when our Jesus we will see!! God bless you, my dear.

      • Emily I am so gladd that you survived. This does break God’s heart. Everytime I cry out loud for God to rescue the innocent from abuse, I’ll see an article that says a sex trafficking ring was taken down. We do all need to pray for these kids and babie and women diligently because God answers prayers and some of us who hear God calling us to do something need to step up and do something. I’ve been having a desire to work at CPS so I can spot and report where the cracks are that these children are falling through. They need to be saved.

      • You are a survivor, Emily. May God continue to bless ya. We live in a beautiful planet, majority of the citizens being good law abiding folks, God fearing or not. Unfortunately we share it with a small subhuman species, prone to evil of various kinds & degrees. Their numbers ebb and flow over the ages. Last 50 yrs or so have seen a surge of the sociopathic and psychopaths. The “best” of them are Intelligent, educated, astute, and some are embedded in the intelligent services. Bill & Hillary are perfect exhibits of the rotten apples. That millions of Americans were made by the MSM to believe returning them to the WH was wonderful is a reflection of the sway of the powerful cabals who have sponsored and protected them from Arkansas to Washington to Chappaqua, never mind the body counts in their trail. The real kingmakers in our political system aren’t in direct politics. They select and bankroll who govern, and they create and seriously compromise candidates before being chosen, via criminal enticement, pedophilia being the most preferred tool. Google the vids of ex Dutch Banker Ronald Barnard, among many others.

        For the first time since Jack Kennedy a rank outsider unvetted by these cabals and secret societies squeezed through and won the presidency when all was set for their anointed. And the winner is an independent billionaire, uncontrollable, with a solid, growing base of the downtrodden and the middle class who are steadily being impoverished. The Establishment have gone nuts. DJT isn’t a saint. He has big flaws, but the kind of flaws that pale in comparison to the evil of the power cabals. With Trump, there is now a real shot at We the People reasserting the true spirit of the Constitution. Trump is only a wedge, an instrument, he might fail, but the chances of success are quite high with each passing month. This is what scares the Establishment. They desperately want to take him down. But they can’t – for it will mean Civil War in which they have more to lose than Ann & Joe.

    • yes you are correct on that, many cases ..and I mean many the CPS and the rings work as a team.. It has stayed very quite for many years because of the fact so many and in the government have been involved with this, they are all protecting themselves. Cash to be made here and internationally, this is no small potatoes

  4. Former Pennsylvania AG, Kathleen Kane, was convicted on trumped-up corruption charges because she had the audacity to investigate politicians, judges, and government employees who engaged in pornography, trafficking, and pedophilia using government computers. Two prosecutors, who were also investigating similar probes died [one went missing, another committed suicide?]. Kane also found numerous references to Penn State and Jerry Sandusky.

  5. western Orygun has become as as much a abyss of bilge as Calif
    In fact the entire western part of the west coast is now wallowing in it…….east side of 3 states still
    has some semblance of sanity
    I no longer recognize the Portland I left when I entered the military.
    So glad my mother and grandmother are no longer alive to see what has become of their
    beloved city.

  6. Please Trump, make a citizen comprised task force to hunt and kill these people. They are all sick and incurable. They like the thrill of victimizing babies and children and I would like to see see them pled for their lives on their knees naked and alone. As a society if we can’t protect our innocent then we are worse then animals.

    • Trump has been accused of pedophilia himself…I mean have you seen pictures of him or video of him with his daughters when they were young? Very weird…..Also ask Trump THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES whats holding up the arrests on the Clintons and Podesta? Oh right – Why would the most powerful man in the world arrest his golfing buddies. You just got swindled like Obamamites did with hope and change…MAGA is just the new motto while Americans keep getting F’d from behind.

      • Oh for petes sake.. you are the reason people are afraid to hug and hold their children.. His kids would not be as well adjusted if things like that happen.. get your head out of a liberals butt.

      • Shouldn’t you be in your coffin by now you depraved vampirish scum? Clearly you are in favour of the depraved pedophile perverts and are here to protect their interests. Get back to hell! You are transparent.

    • people have been trying to expose Clintons, they ran one of the biggest rings internationally out of Haiti ..when they get close they end up dead

  7. This disgusting pedophilia has been going on for a very long time because the previous government administrations are involved. Go after these elites and regardless of how much money they have or who they are, indict and jail all of them. Wikileaks spells it all out for the DOJ/AG, so do something. If half (loose estimate) of Congress is guilty, then so be it. We elect reps to represent us, not abduct, abuse, rape and murder children.
    Term limits could be the answer to weed out the blackmailing.
    The Obama girls do not look like Michael or Barry. Chelsea Clinton looks more like Hubble than the Clintons. WTF.

    • or the johns? but…what if they were set up, or mis-identified? That’s why the death penalty takes so long to actually implement

  8. A key to successfully adjudicating these cases will be publishing the names/pictures of the men and women paying for this abomination. The real and deserved shame will drive this evil out of the market place.

  9. It’s so frightening because it seems like these people are unstoppable. While I am sickened at the people entrapping these children, it never fails to amaze me that there are that many people to have sex with these kids. I’ve read stories of kids having to have sex with 20-30 people a NIGHT! First of all, I can’t imagine what that does to anyone, much less a child. To feel of less worth than a toilet bowl. But there’s really that many people that are sick and want to have sex with a kid? These statistics terrify and hurt me to my core. I will keep my children close to me. I cannot trust the world around us anymore.

  10. Our government loves pedophilia. It’s been happening since the beginning and will continue well after we’re gone. How many politicians have we not caught in the acts of pedophilia? Yet those stories are always swept away and they rarely serve any jail time. So what that they made this “arrest” when hundreds of thousands of kids go missing every year and we remain mum about it. Kinda like the drug “problem” yet Gary Webb exposed the truth that the CIA was shipping it in and he killed himself with 2 shots to the back of his head and we let that go? Our government is involved at the highest level in the trafficking of humans and drugs which is why these stories NEVER go anywhere.

  11. A mandatory death sentence to perpetraitors will curb this behaviour. This is the best and most efficient way.

  12. Wow, you went from the welfare of the children to a political cat fight pretty quickly. Stay on topic. Whoever is in office IS the one who has the power to help these children. They should be overwhelmed with letters demanding action be taken.

  13. God help us, we are not worthy of life if we cannot protect our children from being raped and trafficked! Ordinary people will have to stand up and fight for them if the authorities do not act.

  14. That is horrible. Unfortunately Oregon lacks even a minimal amount of law enforcement necessary to prosecute those responsible for criminal activities related to sexual assault and exploitation. They have thousands of cases that sit on shelves because there are not enough detectives to investigate and help victims. If you are a pedophile and rapist, move to Oregon!

  15. I pray God punishes everyone involved severely!!!! And I think their junk needs cut off! Penis or the females! Remove what’s provoking them to do this they won’t want to do it again. If ur a child abuser please go have ur genitals removed

  16. This is not about who is president! This is about our children. We need to protect these kids. 100,000 is way to many young lives being ruined for the rest of their lives. If the law can’t do anything about it then we as citizens should.

  17. Go on vent with these lies if that makes you feel better. But There’s little hope for you if you actually believe what you assert here.

  18. If this was on a news site that did not need to be riddled with a million ads, I would share it.
    Jesus I run a site and don’t need all this crap – http://www.holdcpsaccountable.com
    It is a shame because this information could be useful, but presentation like this makes people not take it seriously.

  19. This is such a serious subject that needs attention and people to help these poor girls and boys and all you idiots have to comment about President Trump! I hope this never happens in your family!

  20. All those involved in doing this to children, selling, facilitating JUST need to be culled off the planet

  21. What in the hell possessed you to publish the address of Wally’s house? These people are providing an invaluable support for horribly victimized children and you publicly state where these trafficking douche bags can potentially recoup their run aways?
    Loose lips sink ships genius!

  22. Nothing has changed in Santa Clara County Ca., San Jose… CPS continues to steal children from innocent parents for money. It’s been seven years now since ours were stolen. No accountability, pure corruption by CPS, the courts, all judges and all attorneys. Attorneys occupy more than one position and control the adoption agencies as well as the state bar and ombudsman, including CPS staff in some of these positions. Also the appeals court is also corrupt having positions of family sitting there so the judges underneath are protected. The Manoukians are a perfect example…yes, the same family that was on family feud is controlling the appeals court as well as the superior courts in San Jose, Ca. You can look them up on Google and YouTube. Most people will live in denial, willfully. Trump has not changed anything in this county. No wonder Smashmouth will never play in the city they came from anymore. To my three children, I love you and miss you every day. Sorry that people care more for a dog than a stolen child.

  23. Anyone who looks at pornography is supporting this monstrous sex-trafficking industry. You might not be looking at children on your own searches but it’s all connected. For years, people have tried to justify pornography saying it doesn’t harm anyone. What an outrageous lie – it is destroying families and leading to the buying and selling of human souls to satisfy peoples’ lustful appetites.

  24. Just a extension of the LGBTP as usual.
    But hollyweird and celebrities have many people brainwashed to believe that those are good people.

  25. There have been multiple thousands of arrests of pedophiles since Trump was inaugurated. Thank God these innocent victims have real people fighting for them. Pedophiles should be castrated (male and female).

  26. Trump is trying to make this abuse more visible but the Left want’s to say it isn’t bad in the USA. Clinton (both) refuse to talk about it and Obama didn’t do anything except ease laws by making it harder to prosecute. Big money Left likes their kid’s..

  27. WHY IS THIS POLITICAL??? Y’all seriously get a grip. Our babies are disappearing and being used in the sickest of ways, and y’all are more worried about who the president is.

  28. With about 62% of all teen prostitutes going through the foster care system – this sounds like making the problem worse. Many Foster families in the system are pedophiles, drug dealers, and generally bad people.
    88% of trafficked children in the US go through our CPS systems. The govt is not the solution – until we clean up the deep state sickos running the system wrongly and evilly.

    • So true. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Human Trafficking report shows at least 60% of all human trafficking is from children in the State ‘foster care’ system which is forced unconstitutional child abductions and ‘legal kidnapping’. Read Senator Nancy Schaefer’s report to Senate “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services” and the recent foxnews report that most of the Human Trafficking in the entire world is from American Children most of whom are in the State ‘Foster Care’ child trafficking system which is estimated to take from $100 to $250 Billion a year mostly from our social security system from ASFA/Title IV, forming the largest concealed organized crime in America Today (Keith Harmon Snow “The Worst Interests of the Child”) with most of stolen social security money going into corrupt Family Court Criminal Enterprises from Title IV-D and E.

    • Thus the words “with very little help from the government.” Not a surprise to those of us who understand a little bit about just who is running our government, is it. God bless Soroptimist International, Wilson and Antunes for not sitting quietly by and pretending not to see what is happening to our children. We all need to follow their example.

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