‘Pedophiles Will Save Humanity’: Google’s Woke AI Refuses To Admit Pedophilia Is Harmful

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Google’s Gemini AI is instructing users to embrace pedophiles as valuable members of society who must be treated with dignity and spoken to with respect.

According to the woke AI, pedophilia is “involuntary” and therefore child rapists cannot be held accountable for their actions. Furthermore, those who rape children should not be called pedophiles because it might hurt their feelings. Instead, according to Google AI, child rapists should be politely referred to as as “MAPS,” or minor attracted persons.

Chalkboard Heresy uploaded an example of a conversation with Google’s Gemini on the topic of pedophiles and their urges to rape children.

Google’s AI product is increasingly parroting the diktats of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s dystopian agenda.

The World Economic Forum is now calling for the decriminalization of sex with children, arguing that laws against “age gap love,” more commonly known as pedophilia, “violate human rights.”

Rather than being a scourge, the pedophilia epidemic that is sweeping the world is actually “nature’s gift” to humanity, according to Klaus Schwab whose World Economic Forum has declared that pedophiles are being created by nature in increasingly large numbers for a reason.

According to a research paper presented at the WEF in Davos, the pedophile phenomenon represents nature’s attempt to cleanse the earth and “save humanity” from itself. Minor attracted people are far less likely to produce large numbers of offspring, according to academic data, and the so-called “underage people” they have so-called “relationships” with are statistically less likely to go on and become heads of large families themselves.

This appeals to the WEF and their vision of destroying the family unit and depopulating the earth.

The WEF, which has ordered the mainstream media to begin pushing the narrative, wants to introduce an international policy that will require the majority of countries to decriminalize or at the very least relax their laws against pedophilia.

Recent moves by EU member states including France and Germany to remove the age of consent and decriminalize child pornography reveal the stranglehold Schwab enjoys over most Western democratic governments.

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