Saving Yemen: The Time To Boycott Saudi Oil Is Now

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Saving Yemen: The Time To Boycott Saudi Oil Is Now

There is no question that the US-supported and Saudi-led attack on Yemen is a blatant act of illegal aggression reports Fars News Agency.

The report continues: According to the Red Cross, the Saudis and their cohorts are blocking urgent aid shipments to the poorest country in the Middle East. The Red Cross has spent the past several days seeking Saudi permission to deliver the aid, but to no avail.

Backed by certain bullyboy members of the UN Security Council, the Saudis blatantly dismiss the Red Cross call for a ceasefire, insisting that aid will only be provided when they believe it will not interfere with their illicit goals: Installing a puppet regime in Sana’a and ensuring full control over oil reserves in the area!

In other words, Yemeni people are dying so that multinational corporations can lay siege to remaining oil reserves in the Arabian Peninsula. It is at these times that the international community has to ask what its ethics are.

The whole Middle East needs peace. The area has enough horrible problems without a Saudi aggression. The nations of good conscience should force the Security Council to turn its attention to Yemen, demanding the regime stop the aggression immediately.

The Saudis and their cronies have pushed the crisis-prone country to the brink of a full-blown war. A closer examination of this criminal coalition reveals identical regimes that violate human rights too. The world will never forget how the Saudis, joined by hired mercenaries, rolled into Bahrain to help the Khalifa regime crush a peaceful protest movement?

The regime’s reliance on a radical class of Wahhabi clerics to ensure its hold on power has resulted in chaos throughout the world. The Saudis have pushed their violent interpretation of Islam to every corner of the globe. Such indifference toward global stability and peace should never be allowed to go unchallenged.

The international civil society, therefore, should boycott Saudi oil to drain its military capacities, financial reserves and political will. They have been meddling in Yemeni affairs for decades now, often using oil wealth to buy off warring factions. What plagues Yemen is largely local. It has nothing to do with Iran or its push for influence.

The Saudi allegations regarding Iranian aggression are bogus and could soon create a giant crisis throughout the region. Which is all the more reason for the international community to deescalate the situation and push for negotiations between Yemen’s warring parties.

Stoking sectarian tensions only suits the needs of Saudis, Americans and Israelis, as well as their creations – ISIL and Al-Qaeda. The job of the international civil society is to oppose this policy and allow the Yemenis to decide their own fate.

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