Small Alien Creature With Helmet Caught On Tape In Mexico

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An extraterrestrial being, believed to be a ‘worker grey,’ was caught on tape running among cars in a Mexican city near the Gulf of Mexico. reports:

In Tampico, Mexico’s Tamaulipas state city , many believe that a supernatural force protects the region of hurricanes.

A vast majority of the tampiqueña population in the state of Tamaulipas , do not hesitate to say that alien beings protect the region and its inhabitants from the devastating force of hurricanes , which after advancing strongly to its shores , suddenly stop the march to mysteriously change course.

Moreover , people claim spotting all kinds of flying objects and unidentified lights in the skies above the city frequently. The most eloquent openly argue that , about 40 kilometers from the coast , there is an underwater alien base , where incoming and outgoing ships of different faces, especially triangular and circular .

Strange Alien Creature Caught on tape in Mexico 2016

Alien Agenda 888:

Strange Alien Creature Caught on tape in Mexico 2016 , There are two different types of Greys that visit Earth.

The first seem to be the leaders and the most intelligent of the two. They are approximately 5 to 8 feet tall, have large heads, large dark eyes, long skinny fingers arms and legs, have a small mouth, small ear holes, and have been reported to have 2 small nostrils. They are hairless and seem to communicate through some kind of telepathy with each other as well as humans.

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The second are worker Greys that have been cloned to the bidding of the larger grays. They are much smaller then the other Greys at around 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall, stubbier fingers arms and legs, but are similar in other ways. (Same shaped head, eyes, ear holes, and small holes for nostrils). They don’t seem to be as intelligent as the taller Greys and do much of the grunt work during probing and abductions while the taller Greys work on more scientific areas like collecting sperm and egg samples and working on genetic materials.

Other alien researchers have assumed that there may be other types of greys out there with many names much like there are different races of humans such as the Bellatrax Greys, Zeta Reticuli, GREY TYPE C, and more but as to date these are the two types we can determine as true.alien

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