Soros-Funded Secretary of State Blocks Election Fraud Audits in Colorado: ‘Suck It Up!’

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Soros-funded Secretary of State blocks election fraud investigations in Colorado

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat who is funded by George Soros, has banned “third party” investigations into alleged election fraud in her state.

The Soros-puppet blocked any forensic audits of election results, claiming the practise is a “sham.”

Colorado Politics reported last Friday that Griswold “is permanently adopting the emergency rules rolled out earlier this summer to block future efforts at an Arizona-style ‘forensic audit’ conducted by a third party.”

In June, Griswold hinted at her intentions by referring to the audits as “fraudits” and claiming that allegations of election fraud are a “big lie.”

“Fraudits have no place in Colorado,” she tweeted. reports: While Griswold’s rules would prevent potentially shady people who haven’t passed a background check from accessing voting machines, they would also block trusted “third parties, such as the Cyber Ninjas firm brought in by Republicans in the Arizona state Senate,” according to Colorado Politics.

Griswold, a former Barack Obama activist, is one of many Democrats throughout the state receiving generous financial backing from the George Soros family.

Colorado switched to all-mail-in voting in 2014, making it easier for groups like those affiliated with Soros to drive up turnout, but raising questions about Colorado election fraud.

A recent poll showed that the overwhelming majority of American voters — 63% — actually “reject the Democrat narrative regarding a number of election integrity issues, over three-quarters indicating they support basic election integrity safeguards such as voter ID and signature verification.”

Griswold’s refusal to even entertain notions of a third-party audit won’t do anything to set those questions aside.

The fact is that Americans from both parties no longer trust our elections.

Democrats still howl that 2016 was stolen somehow by Donald Trump, and Republicans are on firmer ground with questions about the integrity of the 2020 election. As I’m sure you’ll recall, that race was tainted with last-minute rules changes by unelected judges, mail-in balloting in states with no experience with them, questionable voting machines, Big Tech money, and more.

Third-party audits — and lots of them — might go a long way toward restoring faith.

But not here in Colorado. Not under Jena Griswold.


    • By the time they have finished all the audits and results released the 2024 elections would be done and dusted.

    • nope, never did. how can anyting be reversed when the SCOTUS, FBI, Senate, Congress, Executive branch are all members of the communist party? not going to happen.

  1. I do not have the facts to declare this a stolen or fraudulent election. Appearances are it was.. Part of that picture are the continuing efforts to deny public scrutiny of the Vote.

  2. If it wasn’t stolen they would gladly show all the information to prove it to make the Republicans look like fools. It was stolen, we live in a country of morons, go get your flu shot.

  3. Proving her guilt since if she had nothing to hide she would welcome open transparency and accountability not block it.

  4. how do funds run our government processes? How is this allowed to happen? Why is no one getting arrested for this corruption?

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