The Dancing Covid Nurses Are Now Dancing For Climate Change

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nurses climate change

While the covid agenda has just about disappeared after millions of people and half the US states rejected the dranonian restrictions, climate change hysteria is still alive and kicking,

We all remember that one of the most obnoxious covid propaganda trends was the constant TikTok dance videos.

All sorts of people were telling us to comply while doing silly dances, but the dancing nurses stoold out the most…..they were after all supposed to have been so busy, so how did they manage to fit in the dance routines.

Well, unfortunately it’s not over, because the dancing covid nurses are back

Only this time they’re dancing to tell us to accept carbon controls….apparently it’s just as important as the covid mandates were.

Lets hope the people don’t fall for the lastest fearmongering….Dr Ron Paul certainly hasn’t.

Niamh Harris
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