Tucker Carlson Put On Ukrainian Govt’s Myrotvorets ‘Kill List’ Following Putin Interview

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US journalist Tucker Carlson has been placed on the Ukrainian government’s “kill list” following his widely-touted interview with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Myrotvorets is a Kyiv-based website that publishes a running list, and often personal information, of people who are considered to be “enemies of Ukraine,” or as the website states, people “whose actions have signs of crimes against the national security of Ukraine, peace, human security, and the international law.”

According to the Kyiv regime, Carlson has been designated an “enemy of Ukraine” due to his as-yet-unseen interview with Putin, which Ukraine President Zelensky’s government fears will weaken Western resolve to continue backing the war effort.

In 2016, the Daily Beast reported that the Myrotvorets website is curated by the Kyiv regime’s law-enforcement and intelligence agency Security Service of Ukraine, and the website is regularly consulted at checkpoints to integrate government information systems.

According to reports, the site has led to the arrest of 1,000 people, including spies, authors, and religious leaders, by Ukrainian officials.

Social media has come out in support of Carlson, with many users branding Zelensky a “dictator” for using the Kyiv-based doxxing website, which literally translates as “peacemaker”, to target Carlson.

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On Tuesday, Carlson hinted at an upcoming interview with Putin, which would mark the first time a Western journalist has spoken with the Russian president since the Russia-Ukraine war broke out nearly two years ago.

The Kremlin confirmed on Wednesday that an interview between Carlson and Putin has been recorded.

Carlson’s image and information on the Myrotvorets “kill list” quickly went viral on social media on Wednesday.

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