Two Mysterious Individuals File Motion to Keep Epstein Records SEALED

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Two individuals file anonymous motions to keep Jeffrey Epstein's records sealed

Two mysterious litigants are trying to keep information secret in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking case.

A John or Jane Doe has tried filing an anonymous motion to keep Epstein’s records detailing his misdeeds sealed.

Both of the litigants filed their complaints in the New York-based Circuit Court that is overseeing the case against Epstein.

Mike Cernovich tweeted out the legal document showing the motion on Friday. reports: Earlier this week investigative reporter Conchita Sarnoff, the author of “Trafficking” on the Jeffrey Epstein case, joined Shannon Bream this week and said Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 27 times and ALMOST EVERY TIMEthat Clinton was on the plane there were underage girls on the plane.


  1. Our legal system is soooooooo corrupt. How in the hell does one file a motion to seal evidence anonymously?

  2. Guiffre was slandered by Maxwell and deserves all relevant evidence to make her case. ALL.

    • Time for a good Doxing!

      As Nancy Pelosi was wailing about Trump’s taxes: “Full disclosure!”

  3. WOW, and we know what HillBilly Clinton did with Big Cigars in the Oral Office. Oops. Oval Office* What a pig he was.

  4. Lee Stanahan says Cernovich is operating on behalf of Dersahowitz.

    Dersahowitz is spooked out of his mind.

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