‘UNLAWFUL’ – Pelosi Vows to Investigate Trump’s Firing of Obama’s State Dept IG Steve Linick

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Nancy Pelosi vows to investigate Trump's firing of Obama’s State Dept IG Steve Linick

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared that President Trump’s firing of Obama holdover State Deparment IG Steve Linick “could be unlawful.”

During a Sunday appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Pelosi confirmed that she would be instructing Congress to investigate the firing.

Linick played a key role in the impeachment sham against President Trump.

Linick requested an urgent meeting with Congressional Democrat staffers last year, where he handed over documents related to the Trump administration and Ukraine.

While Pelosi did admit that President Trump has the right to fire federal employees, she suggested his firing of Inspectors General may be unlawful if its “in retalation.”

Is Pelosi just making this all up as she goes along?

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Where was the outrage and calls for impeachment when Barack Obama fired all of the George W. Bush holdovers?

“Madam Speaker, late Friday, President Trump sent you a letter saying that he was going to remove the Inspector General of the State Department, Steve Linick. There’s the fourth IG to be removed in six weeks. Why was Linick removed? What’s behind this?” CBS host Margaret Brennan asked Pelosi.

“Well, this is new to us and typical of the White House announcing something that is very unsavory. They would do it late on a Friday night. The fact is, as you indicated, it’s the fourth inspector general- inspectors general, that office was created after Watergate to make sure that there was integrity in the departments, the agencies of government. They’re supposed to show cause. Even Republicans in Congress are concerned about and have spoken out,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi said Congress will be looking into the firing of Linick when asked by Margaret Brennan if the fired IG was investigating Pompeo.

“Well, I mean, unsavory when you take out someone who is there to enforce the — to stop waste, fraud, abuse or other violations of the law that are… they believed to be happening. So, again, let’s take a look and see. The president has the right to fire any federal employee. But the fact is if it looks like it’s in retaliation for something that the attorney- the IG, the Inspector General is doing, that could be unlawful,” Pelosi added.



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