US Shopping Mall Gunman Identified As Rapper ‘Donkey Cartel’

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The gunman who was killed by an off duty police officer after opening fire at a US shopping mall on Christmas Eve, has been identified.

He was convicted criminal and rapper, Daquan Antonio Westbrook, aka ‘Donkey Cartel.’

The Daily Mail reports:

Westbrook, 18, reportedly got into an argument with a group of men at a Journey’s store inside the Northlake Mall in Charlotte, and stormed after them while pulling out a gun from inside his pants – a moment one shopper managed to get a photo of in the middle of the terrifying incident.

Once he left the store at least one off-duty officer, Thomas Ferguson, rushed to the scene and told him to drop his weapon.

When he allegedly refused to do so and then pointed his gun at Ferguson, he and possibly other officers on the scene opened fire, killing Westbrook.

It is still unclear if Westbrook ever fired his gun and how many officers opened fire on the teenager.

‘Five guys started fighting, two of them ran out of the store when the third guy came out of the store he pulled out a gun,’ eyewitness James Elliott told WBTV.

‘Officer stepped up, said put your gun down, he turned around and opened fire.’shopping mall

Emmanuel Daniels, who was inside Journey’s when she heard the gunshots, described the tense environment inside the mall.

‘I heard “get on the ground, stop, stop, move, move” and my Dad taught me to run. I started light jogging then I heard boom boom boom boom and I said, “Oh my gosh”,’ said Daniels.

‘There were kids running and I am like where are your parents so I started pushing them inside the stores where I was running. I was trying to get to Dillard’s [department store] to run out the mall.’

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