US Spread Organized Chaos For Control Of Central Asia

Fact checked

United States is sponsoring jihadism to gain control over Central Asia

The US seeks to create ‘managed chaos’ in parts of the world by sponsoring worldwide jihadism.

According to political analyst Nazanin Armanyan, ‘Jihadism without borders’ is a strategic tool in the US arsenal. In an article for the Spanish publication she accuses the US of being agents of chaos and sponsors of jihadism. The analyst blames the US for the madness that is spreading in the world with Jihadism, and warns of the unpredictability of a future war resulting from the organised, managed and directed chaos that the US is engaged in.

Central Asia is being used as the ‘backyard’ of Russia and China to provoke religious and ethnic tensions. Sponsored jihadism could lead to future tensions in India with her Muslim population and at the moment has surrounded Iran. The ‘BRICS’ nations of Russia, India and China have their work cut out to counter the US strategy, while Iran is in a stranglehold and a new relationship.

Sputnik News reports:

Religious fundamentalism in the Caucasus, the Middle East, Central Asia, as well as in the areas adjacent to the Indian Ocean, are becoming a weapon in the hands of American strategists.

“As a tool to achieve their set goal, the US uses terrorism, extremism and separatism. Taking advantage of the weakness of autocratic states in the region based on ethnic and tribal ties, Islamic State controls 25 out of 35 Afghan provinces, including the North, this was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin,” the analyst said in the publication.

According to Armanyan, the radical group Islamic State is an active player in NATO’s strategy of trying to take control of Central Asia.

The first two attempts United States made to take over the region were in the 80’s and after September 11, 2001. Both of the attempts had failed.

Armanyan believes that the US has a number of objectives with their “managed chaos” in the region, including involving Russia in conflicts “occurring in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), the Caucasus and Central Asia,” the creation of centers of military tension around Iran, as well as putting pressure on India, which is part of the BRICS.

“In India it has always been possible to provoke riots. Factors such as the community of thirty million Muslims, the Hindu chauvinist groups, and Prime Minister Modi himself have served as provocation of riots across the country.”

The analyst concludes that if no one stops this madness from spreading, the scope of the war which may include China, Russia, India and Iran may have unpredictable results.