Video: 10 Popular Foods That Are Illegal in America

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In America, we have it pretty good when it comes to food. But there are certain things that can be experienced only in other countries. Here are 10 foods that are illegal in America but popular elsewhere.

Number 10 — In Scotland, Haggis is a very desired pudding-like delicacy. Derived from the liver, hearts and lungs of sheep, it is banned from US import as our country has a law against sheep lungs in food products.

Number 9 — Casu marzu, the beloved treat of Sardinia isn’t viewed so fondly in the US. Described as sheep’s milk cheese, a noteworthy aspect is the fact that it’s loaded with live maggots, deeming it a health hazard and earning it a US wide ban.

Number 8 – Sassafras Oil, a once popular ingredient in American root beer, was banned in the 1960s after scientific studies found the oil was a potential carcinogen. It is however, easily obtainable in China.

Number 7 — Kinder Surprise has a long withstanding ban. The chocolates which contain a toy serve as a major choking hazard but the popularity in Germany continues to soar. Prohibited in 1938, the fine for bringing one into the US is $2,500….per egg.

Number 6 — In several European countries, horse meat is one of the many things considered a delicacy. Although it’s not illegal to eat it in the US, there is a fine line, as slaughtering horses for the sole purpose of consuming is a banned practice.

Number 5 –Ackee, commonly known as the national fruit of Jamaica is banned in America in its raw form due to its potential toxicity. The fruit has toxins which stop the human body from releasing a backup supply of glucose. That means sugar levels can hit a dangerous low.

Number 4 — In Japan, pufferfish dishes are delicacies. In the US…not so much. The fish contains a toxin that could potentially cause paralysis. America prohibits the selling and serving of pufferfish, unless the vendor or preparer has a special license.

Number 3 — France has the best young raw-milk cheeses in the entire world according to many foodies. Unfortunately for Americans, we don’t get to sample it. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t allow unpasteurized cheese past customs unless it’s at least two months old in an effort to keep disease and bacteria out of the country.

Number 2 — The energy drinks known as Four Loko gained a following relatively quickly. The problem is the mix of caffeine and alcohol was linked to hospitalizations and deaths, leading the FDA to prohibit the fruit beverages. Despite the ban and controversy, the drinks are sold in Canada.

Number 1 – The United States bans the import of queen conch due to overfishing, in an effort to protect the species.

Native to the Caribbean, Queen conch is a common ingredient on both the island and in parts of southeast Asia in soups, salads and fritters.

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