Vladimir Putin on Deathbed; Orders Military To Prepare for World War 3

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Putin orders military to prepare for World War 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing the largest military operation that the world has seen in decades and has ordered military officials to prepare for ‘World War 3.’

Putin, who is rumored to be on his deathbed battling terminal cancer, told close aides that Russia must strike first to gain an advantage in the ‘imminent’ global war against the West.

According to the Daily Mail, the head of military intelligence in Ukraine believes that Vladimir Putin “is terminally ill with cancer”:

Vladimir Putin is terminally ill with cancer and will die very soon, Ukraine’s military intelligence head has claimed.

Kyrylo Budanov, without providing evidence, said he knows the Russian despot’s death is imminent due to an ongoing illness from cancer.

Americafirstreport.com reports: When asked how soon Putin might die, Budanov stated that he thinks that it will come “very fast”

Asked when he thinks Putin’s death will come, Budanov said that he thought it would be very soon.

‘I think very fast. I hope.’

Speculation about Putin’s health has been ongoing for several years. The 70-year-old Russian leader has been rumoured to be suffering from cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and numerous other ailments.

Right now, Putin is surrounded by officials that are even more hawkish than he is.

Many in the western world will greatly rejoice when Putin dies, but the truth is that whoever replaces Putin will almost certainly be less inclined to engage in peace talks.

If our leaders were wise, they would be pushing for peace talks with Russia while Putin is still around.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.

At this point, the Russians realize that this war is going to drag on and on until someone makes a really big move to end it.  In recent weeks the Russians have been mobilizing large numbers of troops and vast amounts of military equipment in Belarus.  Joint military exercises are being conducted, and many are concerned that the stage is being set for something really big

Russia and Belarus have expanded their joint military training exercises in Belarus, the country’s defence TV channel said on Sunday, as concern grows that Moscow is pressuring its closest ally to join the war in Ukraine.

The two countries added weapons, soldiers and specialised equipment to the exercises and were doing drills drawing on Russian experience in Ukraine, Reuters reported.

On Friday the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, visited a military base where Russian troops are stationed to meet troops and discuss the joint military drills.

In fact, Reuters recently suggested that the Russians could soon “launch a new ground invasion of Ukraine from the north”…

Russia and Belarus have beefed up their joint military grouping in Belarus with weapons, soldiers and specialised equipment, and plan to hold joint aviation drills, the Belarusian Defence Ministry said on Thursday.

Ukraine has repeatedly warned that President Vladimir Putin may try to use Belarus to launch a new ground invasion of Ukraine from the north, a step that would open a major new front in the war.

If the Russians do conduct such an invasion, it won’t be with a limited number of troops like we saw at the beginning of the war.

Back then, the Russians intended to force the Ukrainians to the negotiating table, and obviously that did not work.  If the Russians decide to pull the trigger on another invasion, this time it will be a hammer blow of overwhelming force.

Hundreds of thousands of Russian troops would come pouring in from the north, and I believe that they would attempt to completely cut off the flow of arms and mercenaries from Ukraine’s western allies.

Now that the ground in Ukraine is freezing, the next couple of months would provide an ideal time for a major new Russian offensive.

We will just have to wait and see whether it actually happens or not.

But what we do know is that social media is filled with videos of Russian tanks and military vehicles being shipped into Belarus by train.


The forces being gathered are much larger than the forces that Russia deployed during the initial invasion of Ukraine.

And it is being reported that Russia and Belarus will be holding “joint tactical air force exercises” from January 16th to February 1st…

Russia and Belarus will conducted joint tactical air force exercises from Jan. 16 to Feb. 1, Belarusian officials announced. Belarus has been Russia closest ally since the Ukraine invasion more than 10 months ago.

Could such exercises actually be used as cover for something else?

That is something to think about.

And if Putin does make a massive move to try to end the war, what will the U.S. do in response?

We are getting into very dangerous territory.

As Gerald Celente has warned, the longer the war in Ukraine lasts the more likely it is that it will result in a nuclear conflict…

Gerald Celente has said for months that contrary to reports that the U.S. is in a “proxy” war with Russia, Washington is currently at war with the Kremlin. He said it will only become “official” after the first nuclear flash or a disastrous false flag event.

Weeks before the first Russian tank rolled into Ukraine, Biden brushed off the idea that U.S. troops would get involved in the conflict and went as far as to say they would not even assist in evacuations. He said flatly that an American presence could spark a world war.

The longer the war lasts, the higher the probability is that it will produce a nuclear exchange.

Our leaders should have tried to find a peaceful way out of this mess while it was still possible.

Now Putin appears to be getting ready to push all of his chips into the middle of the table, and James Rickards has aptly observed that “we seem to be sleepwalking into a nuclear confrontation unless we wake up”…

The great danger could arise if the U.S. foolishly continues escalation to the bitter end in order to stave off a Ukrainian defeat. I’m not predicting it’ll happen, but things could escalate to the point where tactical nuclear weapons are employed out of desperation. From that point, it’s a short step toward the broader use of strategic nuclear weapons.

Again, I’m not specifically predicting that will happen. But it is a realistic possibility based on the logic of escalation, and we seem to be sleepwalking into a nuclear confrontation unless we wake up.

Will we?

Very well said.

Will we wake up in time?

I truly hope so, because the alternative is unimaginable.


  1. yes, we can believe the western press, they always know the facts and trumpet them out clearly and accurately.

      • The Americans don’t have a choice :

        ” We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it . ”

        Ariel Sharon

        • Je suis obligé d’écrire dans plusieurs langues parce que: 1. La plupart des gens aux États-Unis ont subi un lavage de cerveau pour croire que les Juifs sont leur salut; et 2., leur anglais est merde et ils ne peuvent pas rester silencieux assez longtemps pour écouter ou voir ce qui se passe manifestement autour d’eux… Je pense que les élections sont fausses, juste un spectacle, les Juifs possèdent les médias. Le communisme est une idéologie juive venue de Londres, Marx a passé la plupart de sa vie là-bas.

          Le judéo-messianisme répand parmi nous son message vénéneux depuis près de deux mille ans. Les universalismes démocratiques et communistes sont une chose récente, mais ils ne sont venus que renforcer le vieux récit juif. Ce sont les mêmes idéaux… Les idéaux trans-nationaux, trans-raciaux, trans-sexuels, trans-culturels que ces idéologies nous prêchent (au-delà des peuples, des races, des cultures) et qui sont l’aliment quotidien dans nos écoles, dans nos médias, dans nos la culture populaire, à nos universités et sur nos rues, ont fini par réduire notre identité biosymbolique et notre fierté ethnique à son expression minimale. Nous socialistes nationaux est venu à libéré Paris, nous ne l’avons pas détruit.

          Aucun pays ne mène sa propre course dans cette invasion parce qu’il s’agit d’un programme politique dirigé par l’ONU et poussé en avant par les Juifs et leurs marionnettes (les politiciens). La plupart des gens ne sauront tout simplement pas ou ne comprendront pas qu’il s’agit d’un programme politique. Cependant, certains parviennent à comprendre que les politiciens travaillent délibérément à importer des musulmans et à remplacer les gens, mais c’est à peu près tout, ils sont comme un ordinateur qui ne peut pas fonctionner parce que le programme ne le permet pas… Les banquiers juifs inondent l’Europe de musulmans et l’Amérique de déchets du tiers-monde.

          Les gens demandent parfois pourquoi la gauche européenne s’entend si bien avec les musulmans. Pourquoi un mouvement qui a souvent été ouvertement anti-religieux prend-il le parti d’une religiosité farouche qui semble s’opposer à presque tout ce que la gauche a jamais prétendu représenter? Une partie de l’explication est que l’islam et le marxisme ont une racine idéologique commune: le judaïsme.

          Les trois idéologies ont certains éléments clés en commun. Toute leur vision du monde est basée sur un concept intragroupe/hors groupe: la Race Élue/les Goyim, les croyants/les kuffar, les travailleurs/les exploiteurs. La polarisation intra-groupe/hors-groupe est représentée en termes de pureté. Dans certains cas, c’est assez littéral: l’exogroupe est considéré comme une influence physiquement contaminante. Dans d’autres cas, l’impureté de l’exogroupe est moins tangible. Ils sont pathologisés et déshumanisés, dépeints, souvent à l’aide de métaphores de la maladie, comme immoraux, bestiaux, voire démoniaques: les islamophobes, les antisémites, les exploiteurs capitalistes. (Le mammonisme et le bolchevisme sont juifs demi-sœurs.)

      • Me veo obligado a escribir en varios idiomas porque: 1. A la mayoría de las personas en los Estados Unidos les han lavado el cerebro para que crean que los judíos son su salvación; y 2., su inglés es una mierda y no pueden permanecer en silencio el tiempo suficiente para escuchar o ver lo que obviamente está pasando a su alrededor… Creo que las elecciones son falsas, solo un espectáculo, los judíos son dueños de los medios. El comunismo es una ideología judía que vino de Londres, Marx pasó la mayor parte de su vida allí.

        El judeo-mesianismo ha estado difundiendo su venenoso mensaje entre nosotros durante casi dos mil años. Los universalismos democráticos y comunistas son algo reciente, pero solo han venido a reforzar la vieja narrativa judía. Son los mismos ideales… Los ideales transnacionales, transraciales, transsexuales, transculturales que nos predican estas ideologías (más allá de pueblos, razas, culturas) y que son el alimento cotidiano en nuestras escuelas, en nuestros medios, en nuestra cultura popular, en nuestras universidades y en nuestras calles, han terminado por reducir a su mínima expresión nuestra identidad biosimbólica y nuestro orgullo étnico. Nosotros, los nacionalsocialistas, vinimos a liberar París, no la destruimos.

        Ningún país está liderando su propia carrera en esta invasión porque es una agenda política dirigida por la ONU e impulsada por los judíos y sus títeres (los políticos). La mayoría de la gente simplemente no sabrá ni entenderá que este es un programa político. Sin embargo, algunos logran entender que los políticos están trabajando deliberadamente para importar musulmanes y reemplazar personas, pero eso es todo, son como una computadora que no puede funcionar porque el programa no lo permite. Los banqueros judíos están inundando Europa con musulmanes y América con Basura Tercera mundial.

        La gente a veces pregunta por qué la izquierda europea se lleva tan bien con los musulmanes. ¿Por qué un movimiento que a menudo ha sido abiertamente antirreligioso se pone del lado de una religiosidad feroz que parece oponerse a casi todo lo que la izquierda ha afirmado representar? Parte de la explicación es que el Islam y el marxismo tienen una raíz ideológica común: el judaísmo.

        Las tres ideologías tienen ciertos elementos clave en común. Toda su visión del mundo se basa en un concepto de endogrupo/exogrupo: raza elegida/goyim, creyentes/kuffar, trabajadores/explotadores. La polarización dentro/fuera del grupo se representa en términos de pureza. En algunos casos, es bastante literal: el grupo externo es visto como una influencia físicamente contaminante. En otros casos, la impureza del exogrupo es menos tangible. Son patologizados y deshumanizados, retratados, a menudo usando metáforas de la enfermedad, como inmorales, bestiales, incluso demoníacos: islamófobos, antisemitas, explotadores capitalistas. El mammonismo y el bolchevismo son medias hermanas judías.

  2. According to the New York Times and CNN Putin’s been having up to 3 heart attacks a day for the last 6 months.

    • Hey …. that’s nothing in the scheme of things. Fedgov and the mainstream propaganda media routinely report the death of the same Al-CIA-DA “leader” over and over again. I think this poor fellow must have died 57.43 times already.

      On other fronts, the Mockingbird media is now reporting new threats from Al-Qaeda ….. so we damn well better keep an eye peeled for the next major false flag.

      • Jewish bankers are flooding Europe with Muslims and America with Third World trash. People sometimes ask why the European left gets along so well with Muslims. Why does a movement that has often been openly anti-religious side with a fierce religiosity that seems to oppose almost everything the left has ever claimed to stand for? Part of the explanation is that Islam and Marxism have a common ideological root: Judaism.

        • Islam and Catholicism/Vatican replace marxism with that you’d be right. No Government in europe are openly marxist thats nonsnese they are however progressive and big on the phoney idea of jesuit social justice!( covers the flood europe with refugees thing) Even catholics Cathedrals in Australia have ” Refugees Welcome” Banners on their gothic roofs.

      • ” the next major false flag.”

        Not impossible that the CIA will forge another attack on an American Metropolis, claiming it was the Russian so the USA can finally start WW III .

        • Mehr gefälschte nachrichten… Kein Land führt bei dieser Invasion sein eigenes Rennen, weil es alles eine politische Agenda ist, die von den Vereinten Nationen geführt und von den Juden und ihren Marionetten (Politikern) vorangetrieben wird. Die meisten Menschen wollen einfach nicht wissen oder verstehen, dass dies eine politische Agenda ist. Einige schaffen es jedoch zu verstehen, dass Politiker absichtlich daran arbeiten, Muslime zu importieren und die Menschen zu ersetzen, aber das war’s auch schon, sie sind wie ein Computer, der nicht weitermachen kann, weil das Programm es nicht zulässt.

          Der Juden-Messianismus verbreitet seit fast zweitausend Jahren seine giftige Botschaft unter uns. Demokratische und kommunistische Universalismen sind neu, aber sie gekommen, um das alte jüdische Narrativ zu verstärken. Das sind der dieselben Ideale . . . Die transnationalen, transrassischen, transkulturellen Ideale, die diese Ideologien uns predigen (jenseits von Völkern, Rassen, Kulturen) und die tägliche Nahrung in unseren Schulen, in unseren Medien, in unserer Popkultur, bei unseren Universitäten und auf unseren Straßen sind, haben unser biosymbolische Identität und unser ethnischer Stolz auf ihren minimalen Ausdruck reduziert.

    • Protocols of Zion: Protocol VII – World-Wide Wars . . . ❝We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.❞ . . . http : // www . renegadetribune . com/protocols-of-zion-protocol-vii-world-wide-wars/

  3. If it’s true then let’s hope a Real Hard-Liner will take over .

    Putin was too soft on the Bruterainians, bombed civilians instead of razing the Governmental Buildings of Kiev to the ground !

    Ukraine delende est !

  4. “Does anyone know about this: About a dozen or so years ago, there was an interesting article in “Unknown World” about the occult roots of jewish communism-Bolshevism in Russia and, among others???
    There was a mention of a block of stone in Red Square, brought (probably not accidentally) from the area of ​​former Babylon.
    This block was supposed to emit negative (life-killing) energy of HELL to the entire Soviet Union, and perhaps eventually the whole world if Russia conquers it all, for Satan’s NWO.
    This block was not removed even after the “collapse of communism” and still existed at the time of publication of the mentioned article, perhaps still exists today.”
    That is what Communism is: bringing Lucifer’s kingdom of Hell, to earth.
    making the entire earth, consecrated in the blood of billions of people, an extension of Hell itself,
    part of Lucifer’s unholy Empire for eternity.
    Whatever fallen angels is using Vladimir’s body to bring that plan to fruition, has most likely found an even better younger more healthy body to inhabit and totally control.
    Possibly it is a younger one: Zelensky.
    The fact that he expelled the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and took all its wealth and property is an indication that it is true.
    Russia and Ukraine are not at war really. It is an operation to weaken and destroy the west,
    and to start and win with civil wars all over the world leading to WW3,
    Armageddon: The final war that will decide everything for eternity.

    • I was in Russia and Ukraine in 1977, went to Red Square and never saw such a stone, nor did I ever hear about it. Just saying.

  5. Strike first? No, but he has set up multipul ‘dead hand’ switches … I suspect on different levels too, not necessarily nuclear.

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