WEF Orders Govt’s To Arrest Citizens Who Grow Their Own Food

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WEF orders governments to arrest citizens who grow their own food.

The World Economic Forum has ordered governments around the world to criminalize the ability of citizens to grow their own vegetables at home.

According to the WEF, growing food at home is contributing to so-called ‘global boiling’ and must therefore be outlawed.

The bold claim is based on dodgy research conducted by the WEF-funded University of Michigan, which alleges that home-grown food, as opposed to store-bought industrial food, produces five times more carbon emissions. It concludes that private gardens are a threat to the environment.

Naturalnews.com reports: Billionaire electric vehicle (EV) guru Elon Musk, by the way, is pushing this same kind of nonsense. In a February 3 post to X, Musk wrote that “The only action needed to solve climate change is is [sic] a carbon tax” – see Musk’s tweet below:

When pressed on this by his followers, Musk responded that he believes a carbon tax is necessary “to tax what is probably bad (CO2), just like alcohol & cigarettes are taxed more than fruits & vegetables.”

Wealthy globalists behind anti-gardening study

Concerning the new anti-garden study out of the University of Michigan, it was picked up by The Telegraph (United Kingdom) and other corporate media outlets, which spread its claims as fact.

“The study includes analysis of various gardens from individual family plots to urban and community plots and claims that ‘garden infrastructure’ for individual plots (such as raised beds) contribute far greater carbon pollution than large scale farming,” reported Alt-Market.us about the study.

“The study seems to ignore the fact that raised beds are more efficient and grow more food in a smaller space, but I doubt they really care to take these kinds of things into consideration.”

It turns out that, surprise, surprise, anti-human globalists with deep pockets are behind the new study. A cohort of international groups, including the European Union’s (EU) Horizon Program, all contributed to it. The Horizon Program, by the way, lists “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030” as one of its primary goals, eventually bringing about a total carbon agenda takeover of all cities by 2050.

The groups that paid for the new anti-gardening study have billions of dollars at their disposal to shape narratives using climate propaganda. Based on who funded it, there is no scenario in which the new study could have come to any other conclusion, in other words.

Will the study result in home gardening getting banned? Perhaps eventually. One thing it will certainly do is plant in the minds of the gullible the idea that food must come from a corporation in order to be “safe” for the planet, eventually turning home gardeners into criminals who will be dubbed as climate polluters.

“If you think the war on farming which is raging right now in Europe is only intended to affect industrial farms, think again,” Alt-Market.us adds about the agenda.

“The establishment is going to try to use the man-made climate change lie to dictate ALL food production, right down to your unassuming backyard garden. And they won’t limit their efforts to the EU; they will come after American farms with the same restrictions.”

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