Whoopi Goldberg Can’t Understand Why GOP Ban Trans People But Won’t Ban Guns

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Whoopi Goldberg

During Wednesdays episode of “The View” Whoopi Goldberg said that she couldn’t understand why Republican lawmakers are banning books and trans people who do not kill people , but won’t ban guns.

Goldberg was reacting to the recent Michigan State University mass shooting, but she did not elaborate on what laws she was referring to or in which states transgender individuals were being banned.

Goldberg told her co hosts: Well, you know, it’s kind of crazy. I think of all the banning of stuff that’s going on in this country, banning of books. Books don’t kill people. Banning of trans people, I don’t know any trans people, or of any trans people that have killed people. But they are ok banning that.

She added that “They feel comfortable banning that. And they can’t figure out how to ban these guns.”

Goldberg then referenced a Sandy Hook survivor who miraculously survived the Michigan State school shooting on Monday:

“I don’t know why. We keep talking about it every time it happens, and then nothing happens. You know, I thought after Sandy Hook, ok, this is the wake-up call we all need. Here we are in 2023 with a kid who was at Sandy Hook, who was at the school the night before last who was once again in the eye of these guns. What is happening here?”

Co-host Ana Navarro appeared to have the answer…. “The solution is us” she said “The solution is voters. The solution is Americans getting outraged, not getting numb to this, getting pissed and angry and channeling this to the voting booth. If they don’t want to ban assault weapons, don’t vote for them. It’s going to be solved the day that Republicans realize they love their children more than they love their guns.”


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