World Economic Forum Unveils Orwellian ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’ to Censor Independent Media

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World Economic Forum reveals ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety’

The World Economic Forum announced last month it is working with Big Tech and left-wing governments worldwide to censor opinions on the Internet that is considers “harmful.”

The WEF is a secretive globalist organization that wields enormous influence over the elected leaders of Western nations.

Its members consist of elitist internationalist corporate CEO’s and the leaders of Big Tech companies who meet once a year in Davos with the goal of “shaping global, regional and industry agendas.” reports: It made a big splash last year with its highly touted “Great Reset,” which promises to use the pandemic as an “opportunity” to crash the world’s dollar-based, capitalist economic system and “build back better” under a more socialist and globally integrated system that mirrors the United Nations Agenda 2030 goals for Sustainable Development.

Any politician you hear using the term “build back better” [Biden-Harris-Trudeau-Johnson repeat this mantra daily] you know has drunk the poisonous Kool-Aid of the World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab [pictured below].

Schwab’s latest venture is the so-called “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” that consists of execs from Big Tech and government officials with the goal of creating a “global framework” for regulating speech on the Internet, wiping it of so-called “harmful content.”

[I could not help but think of the Committee of Public Safety that conducted the reign of terror during the French Revolution.]

And who gets to define what’s “harmful”? Why, the global coalition set up by the elitist WEF of course!

The harmful” content targeted by this Global Coalition for Digital Safety you can bet will be tailor made to entrap those who stand for limited government, traditional values and individual freedom. Those of us who still believe in such things will not be included in the WEF’s definition of “inclusive,” “equality” or “diversity.”

“The Global Coalition for Digital Safety is a public private platform for global, multi stakeholder cooperation to develop innovations and advance collaborations that tackle harmful content and conduct online,” states the WEF on its website.

Microsoft immediately announced it was on board with the WEF’s plan to squelch free speech on the Internet.

Chief digital safety officer for Microsoft Courtney Gregoire stated:

“Technology offers tools to learn, play, connect, and contribute to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. But digital safety harms remain a threat to these possibilities. As the World Economic Forum is uniquely positioned to accelerate the public-private collaboration needed to advance digital safety globally, Microsoft is eager to participate and help build whole-of-society solutions to this whole-of-society problem.”

Facebook also seems excited to get started on finding new ways to groom users to start thinking about turning in their friends for committing wrongthink. The social media giant has begun sending cryptic messages to some users that read as follows:

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?”

See screenshot below that one user received from Facebook today, July 1, and sent to this reporter.

This program fits perfectly with the rhetoric coming out of Washington since Biden claimed the presidency.

Biden and his attorney general, Merrick Garland, take every opportunity to talk about “extremists” on the right being the “biggest threat to our democracy.” This is a classic propaganda technique used to turn public sentiment against a targeted demographic. The Nazis perfected this, using the media to blame all of Germany’s problems on Jews before they actually started rounding them up and making them disappear.

The next phase in this evil plan is to encourage Americans to turn each other in to the online thought police. What happens next, after one has been reported to Facebook, Google or Microsoft? Will the tech giants turn those accused of thought crimes by their online “friends” and “followers” over to Biden’s politicized FBI? This is exactly how it works in China.

Readers of this blog know that China is the model being touted by those who believe in the Great Reset. Now their plans are right out in the open on the World Economic Forum website with this announcement of their Global Coalition for Digital Safety.

The WEF states:

“With the growing challenge to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online, there is an urgent need for more deliberate global coordination to improve digital safety.

“The Global Coalition for Digital Safety aims to accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle harmful content online and will serve to exchange best practices for new online safety regulation, take coordinated action to reduce the risk of online harms, and drive forward collaboration on programs to enhance digital media literacy.”

In the above quote, notice how sneakily the WEF lumps spreaders of “health misinformation” – that would be anyone who expresses reticence about experimental mass vaccination programs, COVID lockdowns, mandatory mask wearing, etc. – in with violent extremists, terrorists and child traffickers. How clever.

The WEF has the audacity to claim its coalition will be “impartial” in policing the Internet. This is the same organization run by Schwab, who openly states that the pandemic should be exploited as a “unique window of opportunity” to fundamentally change the way the people live, work, do business and fit into society.

“The Forum is uniquely positioned to leverage its impartial platform and convening power to drive public-private cooperation amongst key stakeholders focused on improving safety online,” the WEF states in its release about the new coalition.

The WEF sets itself up as the global arbiter that defines terms like “harmful content” and “misinformation.” It also laments the fact that encrypted social media channels like Telegram and Signal are able to allow users to communicate free of censorship and spying.

Here are its recommendations for “key focus areas that now require coordinated action” by governments and their Big Tech allies:

1. Share Best Practices on Safety Standards: Exchange knowledge on policies and practices for improving online safety, considering content policies, remedies, transparency reports, use of data, and new technologies

2. Address Balance of Privacy and Safety: Share best practices on addressing the growing tension between privacy and safety as harmful content on encrypted channels risks evading detection

3. Market Competition: Drive better alignment between regulations focused on safety and competition to foster market innovation and enable consumer choice

4. Cross-Jurisdictional Content Cooperation: Enable action on content that spans jurisdictions and requires greater coordination amongst countries (e.g. content created in one county but causing harm in another)

5. Definitional Alignment: Support work on consistent definitions for content categories, such as self-harm and cyber-bullying to enable standardized enforcement, reporting, and measurement across regions.

If COVID taught us anything, it’s that Big Tech social-media platforms, in league with global power elites, defined for us what is allowed and not allowed to be said on the Internet.

Posts that challenge the official narrative about the virus and the best way to respond to it were immediately censored, either tagged with warnings meant to discredit the posts or removed all together.

The most typical reason for such censorship was that these posts “violated community standards,” which consist of mysterious, vaguely worded legalese that nobody reads.

Big Tech corporations are also increasingly working in concert with governments around the world, including in the U.S. and the ruling Chinese Communist Party in China, to regulate what people are allowed to see on the Internet.

But all of this control over the free flow of information is not enough for some of the global power elites.

Now they are ready to take their Gestapo tactics to the next level.

They want to turn us against each other.

Don’t let them do it.


  1. World English Forum or the Roman forum to be more exact. The moral authority for rule of global law.

  2. They’re only concerned with their own safety b/c once the world knows the full truth about them & their evil, (they) would be torn to shreds. As Q has stated, “They won’t be safe to walk the streets.”

    • Exactly And that’s why Pope Emeritus said of them in Vatican City, “they hate the truth”. Do you realize there was over 10 million individual claims made against the Catholic Church by victims of their pedophilia alone.

  3. It’s the lamest team media that need censoring of all of their endless continuous blatant outrageous lies

  4. Look at the lies right now about the floods”everywhere and esp Germany I’ve watched and listened for about an hour to coverage Not one has stated how many mls of rain fell. Not one Every really badly his area has a dam up the road.. Many reports of how one minute it was dry and then in just minutes flodded up to chest height That only happens when they open a dam. Meanwhile here they claim we got hit by floods Everyone who lives here knows its a total lie Its just normal wet weather and the areas “flooded” always flood and negligent councils steadfastly refuse to ever clean their drains as if permanently wanting to terrify the sheep. And they do Satan the Great Deceiver and all of his minions in high places, all in it together, to deceive the whole world. Oh now finally after almost 2 hours watching BBC the incredible, claim 158 ml was the highest. Well we had 134 not long ago and that doesn’t cause anything except bug puddles unless a dam is deliberately opened or a mains water valve is opened, or several by corrupt Council workers pretending they’re doing good deeds. Naturally njw BBC lists are busily telling how its all climate change to blame Jo its those criminals on offices using their, usually ex convict workers.

  5. Listen right now onLundelltv G Edward Griffin is proving how “they” lie and corrupt and pervert everything He’s talking about a speech made by JFJ exposing how the Secretary of Defense stole the Presidents powers away alleging it was to relieve the President of excessive burdens, that JFK made at Columbia aka Spanish Catholic University and wanted to get the full speech He rang Columbia and asked, few day later they rang back and said no he wasn’t here on that day or any near dates, so he rang white House and a few days later they rang and said no he wasn’t at acolumbia he was here in the white house talking to Tom dick and Harry.. I’ve experience the exact same sort of thing and know, have fir decades that you cannot trust anyone Ever. And government employees bureaucrats teachers historians lecturers professors books published by main stream media outlets “Well respected members of their church community” are the greatest deceivers of all.

  6. monoplus commie wealth runs the globe sinclaroSS nothing has ever been free speech-the internet and it`s content is owned by them-they will stall you out burn up your internet cards endlessly and the net isn`t free even now anyway they get the fast track we get the rip off

  7. Absolute monsters every one of them. Why haven’t the military special forces relieve the people of planet earth? Christ Sakes, do your damn jobs.

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