World’s Youngest Leader Vows To ‘Kick Pedophiles Out Of Politics’

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Sebastian Kurz, the world's youngest elected leader, has vowed to launch a high-level pedophile ring investigation in his native Austria.

Disgusted by EU Parliament plans to reduce the age of consent in Europe from 16 to 13, brave Sebastian Kurz has vowed to launch a high-level European pedophile ring investigation, with “severe punishments” for anyone in positions of power revealed to be abusing children.

Sebastian Kurz, the world’s youngest elected leader, studied secret societies and the real nature of the world using YouTube and conspiracy forums, and he plans to put his knowledge to good use.

Anyone caught engaged in this diabolical practice will be dealt with in the severest way, with especially harsh punishments for those found to be abusing positions of power and influence,” the Austrian leader said.

Responding to claims that many top politicians are pedophiles, Kurz said “This may be so” and acknowledged that he has heard that “a kind of mafia exists” in which elite pedophiles protect each other, while being protected and exploited in turn by their own masters.

This behavior stops now. My colleagues and I have agreed we cannot go to our graves without eradicating this evil from society.

“This is our duty.”

31-year-old Sebastian Kurz became the youngest world leader when he was elected by an Austrian public tired of the corrupt political class lying, cheating, stealing – and raping their young.

A series of child sex scandals have rocked Austrian political circles, while the nation’s mainstream media, owned by a corrupt oligarchy, has remained silent when it comes to exposing the abusers.

But Kurz grew up in the digital age and he has educated himself using forums and YouTube videos regarding the power structures that control the world. The world’s youngest elected leader is determined to dismantle the pedophile network that has infiltrated European politics.

I grew up in a very conservative family,” Kurz said, “Where children never say no to their parents, where children are taught the value of hard work, and where children are taught not to shy away from taking on impossible looking tasks. We today are taking on a task, nothing more. Today we will promise you that we will do all we can to protect our children, so we can teach them the values that we were taught, without interference from evil.”

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