AI Will Be Deployed To Help Defense Dept Target ‘Disinformation’ On Social Media

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The Department of Defense has contracted a New York-based AI company to deploy software that will help them crack down on social media “disinformation” in “real time.”

The move comes despite a court order by a federal judge barring government censorship of American speech using Big Tech or third-party groups.

InfoWars reports: US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) contracted Accrete AI to “predict and neutralize” harmful “viral disinformation” and “deep fakes” created by “AI-generated synthetic media,” claims the company’s CEO Prashant Bhuyan.

“Synthetic media, including AI-generated viral narratives, deep fakes, and other harmful social media-based applications of AI, pose a serious threat to US national security and civil society,” Bhuyan said.

“Social media is widely recognized as an unregulated environment where adversaries routinely exploit reasoning vulnerabilities and manipulate behavior through the intentional spread of disinformation.”

“USSOCOM is at the tip of the spear in recognizing the critical need to identify and analytically predict social media narratives at an embryonic stage before those narratives evolve and gain traction. Accrete is proud to support USSOCOM’s mission,” he added.

Bhuyan absurdly claimed AI was necessary to snuff out “disinformation” created by “competitors” and “disgruntled employees.”“Companies are already experiencing significant economic damage caused by the spread of AI-generated viral disinformation and deep fakes manufactured by competitors, disgruntled employees, and other types of adversaries. We believe that the market for AI that can predict and neutralize malign AI-generated synthetic media is about to explode,” he added.Of course, given all the information revealed by the Twitter Files, the true purpose of government censorship initiatives is not to fight malign “disinformation,” but to silence conservative viewpoints, such as it did with COVID, the 2020 election, the Ukraine war, the Hunter Biden laptop, and more.

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