Angela Merkel: US, UK Are Enemies Of Germany Once Again

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Angela Merkel says US, UK are no longer allies with Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned citizens that the U.S. and UK are both enemies of the Germans once again, in a speech reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

Speaking at an election rally in Munich on Sunday, Merkel said that the European Union, headed by Germany, should no longer count on the United States and Britain as being its “allies”, warning the EU that they “must take its fate into its own hands.”

Germany tried to take over the world once and nearly succeeded during World War I. They tried again a few years later during World War II; almost wiping out an entire race of people. It seems they are building to try for a third time.

The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” Merkel told the German crowd. reports: She said Germany and France, as the two dominant forces in the EU, have to seek broader relations to compensate for the lack of commitment shown by the US and Britain.

“We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,” Merkel said, adding, “we have to fight for our own destiny”.

The comments came a day after Merkel expressed frustration at the way Trump handled a debate on climate change in the G7 summit. All other six members of the group said they would stick to the terms of a landmark climate deal reached in Paris in 2015 but Trump said he would announce his position on the issue next week. Merkel said after the meeting that the “discussion on the topic of climate was very difficult, not to say very unsatisfactory.”

During his presidential campaign, Trump had vowed to revise US commitments under the Paris Agreement, saying the deal, which he had branded as a Chinese hoax, would seriously harm jobs inside the United States while it hugely benefits countries like China.

Trump and European governments have clashed on other issues, including Trump’s criticism that NATO allies have repeatedly failed to meet the defensive alliance’s military spending commitment of 2.0 percent of GDP.


    • … she’s actually more of a psychopath, not a psychotic person. But yeah, she’s extremely destructive and dangerous to all of Europe and even the Middle East has suffered from her insane decisions many times. Just remember that she went to Washington to grovel at the feet of Dubya and pledge her allegiance as the leader of the opposition, when the german government at the time of the 1st Gulf War refused to take part in that bloody clusterfuck. Well, the powers that shouldn’t be heard her call and so she got selected to be the next german chancellor. Germany has suffered ever since!

  1. “Germany tried to take over the world once and nearly succeeded during World War I. They tried again a few years later during World War II; almost wiping out an entire race of people. It seems they are building to try for a third time.” Get your facts right, Hitler never wanted to take over the world, that wasn’t the point at all. Britain declared war on Germany first.

  2. Merkel is really showing her true colors finally. Hopefully the German people will see this and kick her to the curb. If not, then I’m afraid WW3 isn’t far on the horizon.

  3. Yuck. Get that nasty thing out. Europe collectively has enough marxism for the whole planet. If they won’t wake up and clean up, they won’t be able to sleep all night and afternoon to digest their wheat junk food and wheat beers anymore. It won’t be pretty what’s going to happen to Europe and maybe I’m ignorant but it seems like it will exceed the ugliness of what’s to come to America.


        • You’re an idiot. Caps does not mean screaming, it just means you are putting an emphasis on certain words. Get a clue.



  4. Come September…she will be as Hilary…..chopped liver …a thing of the past.. then she will have a massive stroke,,,then she will join satan in hell….. Give no place to wrath, vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay…

  5. Between what she said and this “title”, there is a huge gap!
    yournewswire, that’s really poor news coverage here. shame on you.

    • oh, and for the record, I despise merkel, especially after her migration policies, BUT, that does not mean we should go putting words her mouth that she did not say.

    • it’s called “clickbait” Would you have read the article if the title was “tense conversation between trump and merkel” or “merkel disagrees with trump”? Maybe YOU would. But other people wouldn’t, many only read the article cause of the title, and that’s sad

  6. Saying climate change is a hoax is basically saying lets lie to people where they insist we keep using 19th Century Technology to power the planet. It’s all about the oil. Trumps just another Puppet for the elite.

    • Those polar ice caps are getting thicker everyday. Dunno what we’re supposed to think when that’s clearly true.

    • Climate change is not a hoax, it’s a continuous natural occurrence that has occurred periodically throughout the Earth’s geological history. However, the notion that man, in any way, shape or form, is causing it, is a total hoax, one that leaders of the OWG movement have capitalized on, pun intended.

  7. CHECK OUT THE CREDIBILITY OF THE SOURCE!!!! As a journalist and a former journalism instructor- ALWAYS CHECK THE STORY OUT!
    Watch for sensational and emotional headlines. Just because it is written in black and white DOES NOT make it true. Take this media for example:
    There are multiple complaints from other news sources that this site produces fake news. Forbes lists it as a media seeking awards by furthering its PR rather than reporting news. AND THINK ABOUT THIS- If this was actual news, don’t you think media such as The Times and other well known news agencies would have covered it? COME ONE PEOPLE- LOOK AT THE SOURCE!!! An old journalism phrase- CONSIDER THE SOURCE! BTW if would like to confront me regarding this post I will be happy to provide them the telephone number and name of my attorney. We’d love to take on ‘news agencies’ who LIE and MISLEAD their readers.

  8. Ahh, then can we sent you all of the Potential Terrorists that you insist on letting into your Country?? We have had enough of them. Thanks You/

  9. pure propaganda…truth is lies right? total unadulterated propaganda anti-german demonisation what a joke…truth? too bad it is NOT true…because it would mean she had finally realised what is going on…Germany has NEVER tried to take over the world, and has NEVER been uniquely responsible for ANY war.. stop your ‘holocaust’ lies…remember the law of attraction…if you claim a holocaust happened, one WILL happen…

  10. Implies not being allied with the US, UK, not actually about to go to war. She can’t even stand up to the scum unarmed “refugees” they’ve allowed to slither on in.

  11. What happened to Merkel’s big announcement that Germany was going to DEPORT ALL REFUGEES. ME THINKS SHE LIES.

  12. After reading the article, YES you dumb assed old biddy, the EU DOES have to depend upon itself. Out tax money is NOT for your country to be passing out to the terrorists you are letting into your country. DAMN! Why can’t this bitch die already?!!!

  13. She’s a fascist nazi intent on destroying the Western world, and is pissed off that some Western countries wont bow to her demands!!

  14. It could be worse Merk. President Trump could pull the thousands of US military out of Germany, close all US bases there, pull out all missle defense systems, and tell Vlad to kick your miserable asses again.

  15. President Trump Criticizes Germany in Tweet Amid Tensions with Merkel

    After returning to the U.S. from his first international trip, President Donald Trump said the relationship between Germany and the U.S is”very bad” and “will change.”
    Trump’s early Tuesday morning tweet also slammed Germany’s trade surplus and defense spending and comes after he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other leaders,
    gathered at the G7 summit in Italy last week.
    “We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change,” Trump tweeted.
    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change

    Twitter Ads info & Privacy
    Trump’s tweet comes just after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union can no longer “fully count on others”—an apparent jab on the U.S.—in a speech over the weekend.
    “And so all I can say is that we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands,” she said.
    Merkel suggested the G7 summit a wakeup call as policy differences emerged between Germany and the U.S. At the summit, Trump was the only leader unable to commit
    to the 2015 Paris Agreement, which is aimed at slowing global warming. Trump has said he would make his “final decision” on the Paris Accord this week.
    Over the weekend, Germany’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel said Trump’s actions have weakened the West, according to CNN.”The short-sighted policies of
    the American government stand against the interests of the European Union,” Gabriel said. “The West has become smaller, at least it has become weaker.”

    When President Trump wrapped up his tour of the Middle East and Europe, he promptly declared it a great success, a homerun. Well, a different verdict on Trump’s maiden presidential voyage came yesterday from German Chancellor Angela Merkel heard here through an interpreter.


    CHANCELLOR ANGELA MERKEL: (Through interpreter) The times when we could completely count on others, they are over to a certain extent. I’ve experienced this in the last few days. And that is why I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands.

    Was Merkel announcing a new chapter in U.S.-German relations? And what would Europeans do differently if they did take their fate into their own hands? We’re going to ask Anne Applebaum, who’s a columnist for The Washington Post and who joins us via Skype from Poland. Hiya.

    I think Merkel will have experienced it not quite as a shock but as a confirmation of some of her worst fears about who Trump is and what his attitude towards Europe might be. In his speech to NATO, he spoke about money that European countries of NATO owed to the United States, which is, of course, not true. He spoke of Germany being bad because it makes too many cars that it sells in America, seeming not to know that, actually, Germany makes cars in America. German companies rather make cars in America.

    And so all of the worst fears, you know, that Trump doesn’t feel any organic connection to Europe, that he doesn’t understand how international treaties work and that he – really, he preferred the company of the Saudis – he prefers the company of dictators to a company of his fellow Democrats, I think the fears were confirmed. And that was what she was telling her German audience.


  16. She kinda makes you appreciate Hitler, except Hitler never made his people adapt to multiculturalism and watch his people die out from this atrocity that Merkel has enforced.

  17. Her speech said very much the opposite of this crap headline: “The times when we could fully count on others are over
    to a certain extent. I have experienced this in the last few days. We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own
    hands, of course in friendship with the United States, in friendship with Great Britain, with other neighbors wherever possible, also with Russia, but we must know that we need to fight for our future ourselves, as Europeans, for our destiny.”

    I loathe Merkel because she is a socialist retread from East Germany, but this kind of crap clickbait journalism is something we don’t need more of. You’re blocked from my newsfeed,

  18. I think this article kind of over exaggerates and twists her words …. don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of her politics / views (especially on immigration) nor do I trust the new French President …. but lets all stick to the truth !

  19. “The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” ah, hello, that is a true statement. They can’t “completely depend” on others, nor should they and Trump definitely is making that clear, so what’s all the anger about? She is responding to what our POTUS is sending out. In fact, Trump supporters should be happy. She is actually paying attention to what he is saying, not ignoring it.

  20. Whatever way it was said or not said. USA and UK are not considered the close allies of germany as we thought.
    That is because Trump is not cowing down to the EU. and telling NATO. the truth. PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE !!!
    USA cannot keep footing th bill for the rest of NATO. Also, Trump is NOT falling for all this climate garbage.
    Yes there are some problems, but not the catastrophe being made out by climate alarmists.Trump didn’t say
    he didn’t want to help or be involved. He wants to make sure the USA gets a better deal, so that people are
    not put out of work with no alternative because of radical climate expectations.

  21. lies. fake news lies.

    shame on me for clicking this garbage and getting the cμnt who wrote it paid.

  22. Nothing to compare with Nazism. Hitler would never have forced the German tax payers to financially support a tsunami of “muslim migrants” raping their girls, threatening their way of life and security and imposing their culture. Merkel is a former member of the communist party, just as most of the globalist. Compare her to Staline, not to Hitler.

    • Of course Hitler wouldn’t have! when he wanted a world filled with white skin blond hair and blue eyes. All others would have been killed or used for experiments. Hitler wanted to rule the world and so does Merkal! His by war, hers by stealth.
      Either way the ruin of anothers country is uppermost in Merkals mind.

  23. Hate Merkel bitch. About tome EU takes their binky out and starts doing shit themselves instead of US babysitting wussies

  24. WWI, WWII and now WWIII!!! Germany just continues to get devastated. This time it will be by the Muslims.

  25. The USA dodged a bullet by keeping that psychopathic monster Clinton out of the White House — now I hope Germans will get rid of their own ugly “psychopath in a pantsuit” — she’s done more than enough damage to Europe #MEGA

  26. “Germany tried to take over the world once and nearly succeeded during World War I”
    How retarded does one have to be to believe Germany wanted to take over the world in WW1?

  27. This is obviously blown out of proportion to gain more readers. I’m not saying I like Merkel, but I’d rather criticize her for something real

  28. Title: “Merkel declares US and UK to be Germany’s enemies!”
    Bold text: “Merkel declares US and UK to be Germany’s enemies just like Hitler did!”
    Merkel’s actual statements: “The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” “We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands, we have to fight for our own destiny.”
    I don’t even like Angela Merkel, but this type of yellow journalist bull crap is disgusting. I don’t care if you’re doing this to Merkel, Trump, Obama, whatever. This clickbait bunk is a load of crap, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  29. She ruined Europe with Islamic barbarians and thinks the US should help her? Any of you that still airport this hag are doomed

  30. I could barely get throught this non-sense article. Stating that Angela Merkel gave ”a speech reminiscent of Nazi Germany” is one of the worse bias I’ve seen in an article in years. Give us the information, and let the thinking be done by people with actual brain cells. Keep your clickbait atricle for yourself and give us something so we can actually make a mind on our own. Those kind of article are making the news seem totally useless and irrelevant. Let the real journalists work and keep your ”infos” for Twitter.

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