Arnold Schwarzenegger, Who Called the Unvaxxed ‘Schmucks,’ Has Pacemaker Installed After 3 Open Heart Surgeries

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Hollywood veteran Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most outspoken pro-vaccine advocates during the Covid-19 pandemic, regularly taking to social media to hurl insults at the unvaccinated.

According to Schwarzenegger, those who chose to exercise their constitutional right and refuse the jab were “schmucks” who could “go f*ck themselves.”

Life comes at you fast. Three years after his social media campaign to coerce the world to get vaccinated, Schwarzenegger is suffering the same chronic heart problems afflicting many of his vaccinated and boosted peers.

Schwarzenegger revealed on Monday that he has had three open heart surgeries in recent times and he now requires a pacemaker to keep his damaged heart beating.

During the latest episode of his podcast, Arnold’s Pump Club, the Terminator star admitted, “Last Monday, I had surgery to become a little bit more of a machine: I got a pacemaker.”

Despite the serious health issues that would have killed anyone who could not afford the kind of medical care reserved for Hollywood A-listers, Schwarzenegger assured everyone, “I’m doing great!” In that case, we would hate to see what not doing great looks like.

While talking about his health update, Schwarzenegger also admitted his initial desire to keep the news of the surgery to himself, telling fans that talking about it “goes against so much of my upbringing in Austria.”

Schwarzenegger is far from the only fully vaccinated and boosted star to suffer heart problems in recent years.

In January, 50-year-old actor Alec Musser, who was vaccinated against COVID, died suddenly and unexpectedly after receiving a booster.

Recently boosted and jabbed actor Alec Musser drops dead

Nor is Schwarzenegger alone in suffering health complications after mocking unvaccinated people online.

A doctor and trauma surgeon who went viral on social media accusing anyone who rejected the vaccine to be conspiracy theorist, died suddenly earlier this month.

Dr. Vicky Jennings died after suffering a heart attack, her family revealed.

Do you remember the YouTube and TikTok influencers who shilled the experimental Covid-19 vaccines to their followers during the pandemic? Most of them received payments from the government and pharmaceutical companies to pressure their followers into supporting the vaccine roll-out.

YouTube and other social media influencers were instrumental in spreading the mass formation psychosis that, as stated by Dr. John Malone, resulted in a significant number of the population being essentially hypnotized into following the draconian Covid measures.

Fast forward a couple of years and karma is striking down those same YouTubers who took the jab and cashed in on Big Pharma money.

Hundreds of these young and healthy YouTube influencers are now being diagnosed with cancer – and many of them have admitted they are suffering from rare and aggressive turbo cancers. Watch:

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