CA Governor Gavin Newsom Claims Recall Is Unjustified

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Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has admitted that he made mistakes in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic but insists the recall effort against him is unjustified.

Newsom claims that the recall has more to do with politics than the public health crisis.

Breitbart reports: Newsom made his most direct comments yet about the push to unseat him during an interview Friday with KQED, saying his opponents are taking aim at his his broader progressive policy agenda.

“It’s about immigration. It’s about our health care policies. It’s about our criminal justice reform. It’s about the diversity of the state. It’s about our clean air, clean water programs, meeting our environmental strategies,” he told the San Francisco news station.

Recall organizers are Republicans and say they have collected nearly 2 million signatures, well above the 1.5 million needed by March 17 to force an election. The GOP has only 24% of registered California voters, but organizers say they are attracting Democrats and independents.

The effort gained steam over the winter as coronavirus cases spiked in California, keeping schools and businesses shuttered to the frustration of many residents. Outrage grew after Newsom was caught having dinner at the high-end French Laundry restaurant north of San Francisco, contrary to his own health advice.

Newsom said “of course” he regrets attending that dinner.

“That’s those things you can never get back. And, you know, I owned up to that. And no one hid from that. And that was a mistake. Crystal clear,” he told KQED.

The Democratic governor, who also faced criticism over the state’s slow vaccine rollout earlier this year, said there are several lessons he has learned while leading the state’s fight against the pandemic.

He conceded that the state could have done a better job educating and communicating to the public as state restrictions changed throughout the past year.

California also should have made it a priority earlier to distribute COVID-19 vaccines in the state’s hardest-hit areas, including Black and Latino neighborhoods, Newsom said.

The governor announced in recent weeks that California would set aside 40% of all vaccines for people in the most vulnerable communities.

“In many respects, we could have gone a little earlier with this overlay, and that’s something in hindsight you consider and you reflect on at the same time,” he said.


  1. Apparently they already have pre planned which coming months are going to necessitate lockdown They have a timetable arranged I’ve heard it but cant recall the exact dates .I think April was mentioned and maybe June and August But nit sure now ,it was a while ago .

    • Why do you still live there. I got out 30 years ago. When you leave, leave your politics behind you and start fresh. Maybe start out as a libertarian

  2. LOL…this butthurt clown doesnt have a say it what the people want when it comes to recall….sit down and shut up Nancy’s little blood puppet…..A storm is brewing in California…..

    • Tell it, PatrioticLoneWolf!! Tel it!!!! This insane clown doesn’t have a say, it’s what the people want, when it comes to recall. Just sit down and zip it, Nancy’s little blood puppet .. A storm’s brewing in California and you’ll be caught right in it.

  3. Of course that POS would say that. “I dina do anyting wong”, which is the whine of every criminal who is caught red handed. If Newsom actually believes he didn’t do anything wrong then he truly is a psychopath, who just sees we citizens as pawns in his game of political gamesmanship. We’ve had enough of him and his family’s criminal activities. Both he and his Auntie “B” Pelosi came from families involved with the Cosa Nostra. How could we expect anything different out of either of them.
    In actuality we are giving Newsom some of his own medicine, and now he is whining like an adolescent who got a whipping and sent to his room.

  4. . . . yet he is “reflecting on” these concerns of the California electorate . . . we, the California electorate, are voting for your reflections to be from the sidelines . . .

  5. Millions of Californians disagree, Gavy.
    And they are going to get to vote if it’s unjustified or not.

  6. What he can’t seem to wrap his head around is he’s being recalled for not properly discharging his responsibilities as governor. It’s that simple.

  7. It’s not just the French Laundry incident. It’s eliminating lockdown rules for industries, like the film industry, who contribute heavily to the Democrat Party. It’s blocking valid unemployment claims for months while paying out billions in fraudulent claims. It’s banning gig workers. It’s spending more on each homeless person than the average worker makes. It’s making average schmucks wait in line at the DMV for 5 hours, because you gave drivers licenses to illegal aliens. It’s propping up the low-speed train to nowhere boondoggle. It’s a thousand other reasons the state has turned into a cesspool.

  8. CA Governor Gavin Newsom Continuation Is Unjustified.
    California Gov. Gavin Newsom voters admit that they made mistake.

  9. Newsom put infected people with covid into nursing homes, just like Cuomo did in NY. how many loved ones died needlessly due to this procedure???? Lives were lost due to Newsom, this is directly on him, he needs to be recalled and brought to justice. He destroyed small businesses in Calif, murdered hundreds if not thousands by his nursing home directive, dined out in public with doctors where none of them wore masks all while he told us not to have gatherings. No pandemic in history has ever been handled like this and the lockdowns have destroyed our health. I’ve lived in Calif 66 yrs, both husband and I are sick and weak after one yr of mask wearing and not going outside our homes due to this restrictions. I’m DONE with Newsom and California, also Californiains for putting up with this lunacy. We are moving to a conservative state soon and I can’t wait.

    • Absolutely correct. It’s time California is investigated especially Los Angeles County in which a certain social justice warrior is considered a doctor who has the right to enforce medical policy towards Covid 19. It’s positively sickening, how stupid and corrupt the politicians in California are.

  10. Don’t worry Gavin, Dominion or whatever corrupt voting machine used in the recall vote will make sure you stay governor. Anyone who voluntarily ‘masked up or lockdowned’ had to be out of their minds.
    The rulers of this planet and their military lackeys have got you in a box. Going to take a real fight to be free this time around.

  11. Even after these governors admit to making mistakes, they keep making horrible decisions. Newsom is terrible, but he’s only one of many who let us down and need to go.

  12. I am a California native of over Sixty five years and believe it, Newsom is the worst of the worst. This boob is arrogant, stupid and feels extremely entitled. He should be removed from office so fast that his head spins.

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