Catholic Church Admits ‘Huge Surge in Exorcisms’ Since Jab Rollout

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Catholic Church concerned over huge rise in exorcism since jab rollout

The Catholic Church has admitted that since the jab rollouts in 2021 exorcisms across the world have skyrocketed.

Andrew Chesnut, a chair in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, recently declared: “No doubt there is a global exorcism boom, not just in the US but also in Latin America.”

As a result of the surge, the Catholic Church has had to train more preists to perform exorcisms.

According to Chesnut: “It’s a free market of faith, and if you want to compete, you have to offer the goods and services that people want.” reports: Professor Deepak Sarma from Case Western Reserve University observes that the US has long been a hub for spiritualism, although the emphasis on individuality has made it the perfect hotbed for developing exorcism practices.

“Many more people have moved away from institutional religion towards ‘Spirituality’, where individuals are able to pick and choose doctrines, practices, rituals, and in this case purifying/ healing endeavors from across any number of religions.

This toolbox approach empowers individuals to be able to act on their own, without bowing before religious institutions and hierarchies.” But if the US has always been a potential breeding ground for performing exorcisms, why is the boom seemingly only happening now?

Chesnut suggests that the rise in exorcisms may be linked to global anxiety about world events, with religious individuals interpreting these as potential signs of an impending apocalypse. In an era marked by global challenges like the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts, such as Russia and Ukraine as well as Israel and Palestine, the belief in demonic possession and its cure provides a seemingly rational solution.

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