CNN Admits They ‘NEED Trump to Stay in Business’

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CNN says they need Trump to survive

CNN has admitted that they need Donald Trump to run in the 2024 presidential election for them to survive as a news network.


“Donald Trump is telling allies he’s eager to launch his 2024 presidential run and a decision to come as soon as this month,” CNN’s Ryan Nobles reported.

“New CNN reporting reveals that the former president is anxiously mulling when to announce his third White House bid. After a series of damaging revelations have been brought to light by the January 6 committee investigating his role in the insurrection.” reports: It should be noted here that many of those “revelations” came from a one-sided Democratic Party ‘narrative’ supported by deceptively edited videos, partisan claims, and highly contradictory testimony.

“President Trump has been asking advisers for months now when he should announce another term and he’s now closer than ever to making that announcement,” Gabby Orr reported. “Possibly within the next month. Our sources tell us Trump has been asking advisers when he should do this. ‘When is the most opportune moment?’ And I’m told there are three factors at play here that have brought him to this being on the brink of announcing.”

“The first, as you mentioned, is the string of revelations we’ve heard from the January 6 committee,” Orr claimed. “Trump and his advisers have been taken aback by some of the testimony, some of the revelations and how damaging it has potentially been and so he wants to sort of shift the narrative back to him by getting out there, drawing attention to a presidential campaign, and amplifying his earned media and time on television.”

“The second reason, my colleague Melanie Zanona heard, is that this is a field clearing exercise of sorts,” she continued. “He wants to put his potential Republican rivals on notice and that especially applies to Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who has become sort of a hero among cultural conservatives over the past year and may even be seen inside Trump’s orbit as a preferable alternative to the president himself.”

“And third, former President Trump feels that this is an opportune moment to jump in,” she added. “We’ve seen president Joe Biden struggle with some pretty dismal polling numbers. Many, many voters do not favor currently the direction of the country and so he feels like right now voters are hungry for change and that, you know, their pocketbooks and concerns would triumph over concerns about his personality.”

The CNN report that Donald Trump could possibly move up his expected 2024 announcement comes as the former president himself has recently answered questions about future election plans.

“Are Melania and Barron on board with a possible run again in two and a half years?” Newsmax’s Rob Finnerty asked in a one-on-one interview.

“They love our country and they hate to see what’s happening,” Trump replied. “So, at the right time, I’ll be saying what I want to do, but they do. They love our country. Both. Barron’s a young man. And Melania is a First Lady who is really loved. I will say that she, I see the signs. We love our First Lady, but they love our country. So I think they’ll do what has to be done.

“Could you envision a world where there is a Trump DeSantis ticket in 2024?” Finnerty asked.

“Well, I get along with him,” Trump replied. “I was very responsible for his success, because I endorsed him and he went up like a rocket ship.”

In a recent Emerson College poll, Donald Trump led Ron DeSantis in the potential GOP primary field by 55% to 20%.


  1. For the hundredth time, DeSantis is NOT running for president in 2024. He’s stated that at least a dozen times.

    • Trump is part of the deception IMO. Look what happned while he was in office. No one got arrested, the deepstate got so powerful they openly cheated on the elections and didn’t care that is was a sloppy job.
      The only answer i see is a national scale “Battle of Athens TN 1946” short of that, we are doomed to enslavement.

  2. No one watches CNN, The only reason they have money to operate is due to tax payer money. CNN is part of the CIA propaganda department.

  3. Biden will keep them afloat as he sinks MARICA just as trump said he would.ONLY trump predicted 5$ gas under biden

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