EU Ambassador Says We Need China To ‘Rule The World’

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Jorge Toledo China

The EU’s newly appointed ambassador to China is arguing that it is “essential” that Communist China “rules the world”.

The incoming ambassador has also said that the bloc would support the “reunification” of the independent island of Taiwan with the mainland”

“The EU does not defend the independence of Taiwan, but the peaceful reunification. We believe that there should be only one China”

Breitbart reports: In an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Spain’s former ambassador to Japan, Jorge Toledo Albiñana set out what appears to be the most friendly position towards the Chinese Communist Party from an EU diplomat in years, critically contradicting other statements on the sovereignty of Taiwan.

“The EU does not defend the independence of Taiwan, but the peaceful reunification. We believe that there should be only one China,” Albiñana said.

Albiñana will replace Nicolas Chapuis as the new EU Ambassador to China on September 1 and he will arrive in Beijing to take up his position, should the pandemic allow.

Given the newly appointed EU ambassador to Beijing also said that the bloc would not accept an invasion of the island by Communist China and would impose similar sanctions to those levied against Russia following the full-scale invasion earlier this year of Ukraine, it is unclear how such a “reunification” could occur given the fact that Taiwan has never been ruled by the CCP and maintains its own democratically elected government, military, currency, written language, and culture.

Responding to the comments, Taiwanese foreign ministry spokeswoman Joanne Ou said: “Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China. The sovereignty of Taiwan belongs only to all the people of Taiwan, and only the people of Taiwan can decide the future of Taiwan.

“It is also a peace-loving and mature democratic country and shares values of freedom, democracy and human rights with the European Union.”

The comments from the ambassador were also contradicted by EU Parliament Vice President Nicola Beer, who visited Taipei this week, one of the most senior EU figures to do so.

“Now is the moment to stand firm on the side of Taiwan,” Beer said, going on to describe Taiwan as a member of the “family of democracies”.

“Taiwan’s bloom is also Europe’s bloom. We won’t have a blind eye on China’s threats to Taiwan. Europe was late for Hong Kong, we won’t be late for Taiwan,” she said. “There is no room for Chinese aggression in democratic Taiwan. For the moment, we witness war in Europe; we do not want to witness war in Asia.”


  1. Can we check his bank accounts? This sounds like somebody got some money to sell the world on communism.

        • my theory is they pay these people with children supply, and control them with videos that follow. I don’t think i am too far off.

          • Very plausible. If I were a betting man I wouldn’t take a bet against you.

          • He’s just an ambassador /diplomats He isn’t a billionaire industrialist or a politician. Ambassadors are sort of different They can traffic drugs, like briefcases full of cocaine or heroin across borders without impunity. But that’s also all the blackmail they need on them including the others who don’t have to be searched

          • They don`t traffick drugs that is a Pee on`s job you don`t know the moofia well

      • China is heavily invested in America and America is heavy invested in China The Jesuits moved the world’s manufacturing to China after setting them up as slaves disguised behind communism philanthropic mask of deceit. It was done for the INDUSTRIALISTS of the world who all deserted”nationalism “for globalism to wreap the massive increases in profits that have created the huge divide between the rich and ebetyone else we have today As if back before the democratic revolution.

        • China owns the world east west north south they don`t need the west at all the west needs the oil food and workforce of china/russia.The SILK ROAD always was and china is the oldest form of goverment in the world.The pope does`nt live or operate in china.RUSSIA NEEDs china and china needs russia as always and in any war they win since forever.The new ROME america is over as is the old ROME no GNP and a goverment that sold us out

        • China is invest in china and they can survive without anyone else like the USA of yester years and just like any country they don`t ever HAVE to pay back for anything Unless they feel like it

    • As Russia was frying his brain out with microwave war satellites ……He could`nt remember REMEMBER?

  2. The Jesuits rule China He’s the Spanish Ambassador, so the Jesuits approved him. Spains newspaper is LA Vanguardia. Join the dots. Spain was the first country on earth to legalise gay marriage. Jesuit Spain. California is Spain colony and means paradise in Spanish. We know all about california.

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  6. What rubbish China’s only been the Catholic Communist Party for ten seconds. And he’s Spain s mouthpiece. telling China they can forget about being allies with Russia now be ause they don’t need them.

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