Evil WEF Scientists Create ‘Human-Like Entity’ That Has No Mother or Father

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WEF scientists announce they have created world's first human-like entity that has no mother or father

WEF-linked scientists have announced that they have created the world’s first ‘human-like entity’ that has no mother or father.

According to the reports, the human-like creature was created “without using sperm, an egg or a womb”:

Scientists report they have grown the early stages of a human embryo-like entity without using sperm, an egg or a womb.

The ’embryo model’ even releases hormones that triggered a positive pregnancy test.

The team of WEF researchers boast that they were able to create a human entity without a mother or a father by starting with naive stem cells:

Instead of a sperm and egg, the starting material was naive stem cells which were reprogrammed to gain the potential to become any type of tissue in the body.

Zerohedge.com reports: According to the BBC, chemicals were used to encourage these stem cells to develop into four unique cell types that are involved in the earliest stages of human embryo development…

  • epiblast cells, which become the embryo proper (or foetus)
  • trophoblast cells, which become the placenta
  • hypoblast cells, which become the supportive yolk sac
  • extraembryonic mesoderm cells

Those cell types were then “mixed in a precise ratio”, and what happened next is extremely alarming…

A total of 120 of these cells were mixed in a precise ratio – and then, the scientists step back and watch.

About 1% of the mixture began the journey of spontaneously assembling themselves into a structure that resembles, but is not identical to, a human embryo.

Professor Jacob Hanna of the Weizmann Institute is the leader of the team that conducted this research, and he claims that the “entity” which was produced “is really a textbook image of a human day-14 embryo”

‘This is really a textbook image of a human day-14 embryo, [which] hasn’t been done before,’ said Professor Hanna.

If such an entity can survive to that stage, could it go all the way and actually become a full-blown baby?

Now that this breakthrough has been achieved, it is just a matter of time before someone tries to do that.

And just imagine the implications if this eventually starts happening on a widespread basis.

Babies could literally be grown on a massive scale all over the globe.

Instead of having children the natural way, parents could just order a baby that meets certain specifications.

And any babies that came out with “defects” would inevitably be discarded.

Alternatively, it is easy to imagine entire armies being “grown” by tyrannical rulers just like we have seen in certain science fiction movies.

Would such “entities” be truly human?

Would they even have souls?

There is so much that we don’t know, and hopefully this sort of work will be banned so that we will never find out.

Unfortunately, there is very little holding the scientific community back at this point.

Most of the general population has no idea what is going on in these secret labs, and most of our politicians don’t seem to care.

And so “science” will continue to advance all over the globe with very little resistance at all.

In addition to experiments that are creating new life, researchers are also searching for ways to cheat death.

In recent years, swapping blood with the young has become a very hot trend among America’s billionaires.  Here is just one example

Until recently, Bryan Johnson was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to infuse one litre of his teenage son’s youthful plasma into his own ageing blood stream every month. “I’ve never paid more attention to what he’s eating … because that was going into my body,” the 46-year-old American tech entrepreneur says on new podcast The Immortals. He also pumped his own plasma into his 70-year-old father’s body to help improve his declining physical and cognitive health: “It was one of the most meaningful moments in his entire life. And it was the same for me.” Johnson continues to pay $2m a year for a research team to investigate how we can live longer – and he is certainly not the only rich guy in Silicon Valley dedicated to the search for eternal life.

Guys like Johnson have more money than they will ever need.

But they know that their days are limited.

So in a desperate attempt to “buy more time”, they are literally injecting the blood of young people into their own veins.

This is another thing that shouldn’t be done.

And it is probably dangerous.

But nobody is going to stop them.

In fact, the pace of scientific change will continue to march forward at an exponential rate.

Given enough time, our world would be transformed into something stranger than anything that Hollywood has ever dreamed up.

But our scientists won’t have enough time to do that, because the truth is that time is running out for our society.

Our self-destructive tendencies will soon absolutely overwhelm us, and no amount of “research” will be able to turn things around at that point.

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