Flight TGN267 Missing – Indonesian Air Trigana Plane With 54 Passengers

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A plane from the Indonesian airline Trigana Air Service is missing in the eastern Papua region, according to the the country’s state search and rescue agency.

Flight TGN267

Indonesian search and rescue agencies are looking for a passenger plane that has gone missing over the remote eastern region of Papua

Flight TGN267 was going from Jayapura’s Sentani airport to Oksibil  and was carrying 54 passnegers  – 44 adult passengers, five children and five crew members.

BASARNAS chief Bambang Soelystyo told Reuters that it, “Lost contact with plane,” 33 minutes after it took off.

Search efforts are being hindered by stormy weather over the mountainous and remote region.

According to RT media reports suggest that the search for the plane will be delayed until Monday due to poor weather.

Flight TGN267 was not equipped with an Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) system, which makes tracking the aircraft difficult.

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