Former Catholic Priest Pleads Guilty To 27 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse

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Former Catholic Priest Pleads Guilty To 27 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse
Philip Temple Credit: Met Police

A former children’s home worker and Catholic priest has pleaded guilty to 27 counts of sexual assault against children in the UK.

Philip Temple admitted charges of sexual assault committed against 27 children who were in his care in London in the 1970s and two counts of perjury, according to the Metropolitan police

Temple worked in various children’s care homes around London in the 1970s before being ordained as a priest.

Press TV reports:

The 66-year-old priest and a former children’s home worker said he had carried out the offenses against male and female victims living at the care homes between 1972 and 1977 when he was working in two London boroughs, Wandsworth and Lambeth.

“He then changed career to become a priest and served at Christ the King Monastery in north London, where he abused two altar boys,” the Met said.

Temple’s victims made allegations against him and he was twice tried afterwards but pleaded innocent.

“Temple was employed to care for the vulnerable children whose trust he betrayed by subjecting them to abuse,” an inspector with the Met said.

The defendant was arrested on July 6 last year.



  1. why aren’t their a million memes made about this piece of shit ? 

    Why isn’t the Catholic Church constantly berated for their inaction for the most heinous acts that can be done to the future live of children ?

    Your religious figureheads are hypocrites and that likely raped children themselves. Ex Nazis were even allowed in. Just like they allowed it, their followers are complicit in aiding and abetting it. 

    Your all full shit !

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