Jim Caviezel Shocks Hollywood: ‘God Selected Trump To Deliver America From Evil’

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Jim Caviezel stuns Hollywood by declaring that Trump was selected by God himself

Jim Caviezel sent shockwaves through Hollywood this week after announcing that President Trump was selected by God to help deliver America from evil.

Caviezel, star of the anti-child trafficking blockbuster “Sound of Freedom,” declared that President Trump is a lot like the biblical figure, King David.

According to Caviezel, “Trump was selected by God Almighty” to lead.

“When you go back to David, Trump is like that,” Caviezel said during an appearance on Steve Bannon‘s War Room podcast.

“Here’s a boy that was called out and many people didn’t like him as including his own—I’m talking about David now—own father.”

And, according to Caviezel, Trump was selected by God.

“I believe Donald Trump was selected by God almighty.”

“He probably didn’t think he was the best guy to be president.”

“Or maybe he thought he was the best guy because in my opinion, he’s pretty great.”

“A guy like him will be able to sit there and watch this ‘Sound of Freedom’ and feel safe and peace, and I think that a lot of people that watch this that are following God, feel that way.”

Slaynews.com reports: Trump and Caviezel both share a passion for fighting human trafficking.

The 45th POTUS has been a vocal supporter of Caviezel’s recent anti-child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom.”

Trump has been holding screenings for the movie.

“Thank you all so much, that was incredible,” Trump said to the crowd at a screening he held for the movie at his golf club in New Jersey.

“Jim, that was unbelievable.

“It’s something that I’m not sure if you’re supposed to enjoy or learn.

“It’s a combination, but that was a great movie.

“Now I understand why it’s doing so well.

“It’s setting records by the way, it’s eating the biggest movies out there, they have some of the big summer blockbusters and this is knocking the socks off of them.

“So that’s pretty good,” he said.

“I hope everybody had a fantastic time, I did, It’s an incredible inspiration.

“You guys do something very special.”

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