Late Pathologist Revealed The Deadly Dangers of mRNA Vaccines In His Last Interview

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Pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt

Retired German Pathologist Professor Burkhardt passed away unexpectedly earlier this year aged 79

He was one of the leading figures in the fight for truth and in the analysis of the damage caused by mRNA vaccinations

The reason for his death has not been made public.

The Last American Vagabond reports: Prof. Arne Burkhardt was a senior, highly accomplished pathologist from Germany.

Prof. Burkhardt came out of retirement in 2021 to examine the autopsy and biopsy materials of vaccinated patients.

The work of Prof. Burkhardt not only provided strong evidence of vaccine causation, it substantiated the professional medical hypotheses of doctors and scientists around the world.

Journalist Taylor Hudak interviewed Prof. Burkhardt in his laboratory in Reutlingen, Germany, shortly before his death in May 2023. Prof. Burkhardt explains several of his findings in detail as well as which testing mechanisms he uses.

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