Pregnant CNN Anchor Passes Out On Live TV

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Poppy Harlow left viewers in the dark when her morning broadcast on CNN suddenly went off the air as viewers heard her gasping for air.

The six-month pregnant CNN anchor, left viewers fearing for her well-being after she passed out live on air. The 33-year-old journalist is expecting a baby girl and appears to be fine following the incident.

The Daily Express reports:

The 33-year-old was discussing the results of a poll on US attitudes to the war on terror when she fainted.

“We have this new CNN/ORC poll which is quite – a quite a turn…in a…”, the six-month pregnant presenter said before a gasp can be heard and the screen goes black.

As the results of the poll were shown on screen when Ms Harlow fainted it is unclear when exactly she collapsed.

Minutes later after a following segment she re-appeared at the anchor desk to tell viewers she was fine.

She said: “And for all of you on Twitter, who are asking if I’m OK, thank you so much. I got a little hot, and I passed out for a moment. I am fine.”

She was was eventually replaced at the desk by fellow CNN anchor Christine Romans.

Ms Harlow, who is expecting her first child with husband Sinisa Babcic, later took to Twitter to thank viewers for their concern.

She posted: “Thank you all for your concern and messages! I am ok! Passed out briefly and am with the doctor now. So thankful to our amazing CNN team.”

She later added: “Update from the hospital — our little girl due this spring is doing just fine. Was a scare but we are both ok. Thank you all so much!”


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