Top NASA Official Jailed/Missing Under Suspicious Circumstances

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A senior NASA official has been jailed under suspicious circumstances

A top NASA official has been jailed and has subsequently gone missing under suspicious circumstances. 

According to an article from June 2015, the NASA COMSEC Administrator was “fired” and put in jail after “admitting” to amassing child pornography whilst at work:

“70-year-old NASA worker who was fired last month is in jail after admitting he amassed child pornography.”

“He was in a mental hospital, where he was admitted because he was suicidal.”

“He was fired May 29 from his job at Kennedy Space Center … as well as Science Applications International Corp., after they accused him of several security violations.”

“Federal agents asked a judge to sign a search warrant, allowing them to search several of Lawson’s electronic storage devices for information related to NASA and his work, but when they began looking, they spotted a photo of three nude boys, according to his warrant.”

“(He admitted) that he had downloaded 600 to 800 child porn images.”

“A NASA spokesman was not immediately available to explain the security violations that led to Lawson’s dismissal.”

Donald Lawson was NASA’s Communication Security Administrator (COMSEC Admin) for the past thirty years. Since the Reagan Administration, Lawson has been the man in charge of controlling information coming out’ve NASA. Whatever the government deemed too sensitive for public dissemination, Lawson was tasked with overseeing the effort to keep those NASA secrets a secret. The policy of “Never A Straight Answer” was the brainchild of this man. In all history, never has someone fallen from so high in the space secrecy apparatus. [Source:]

They say he was terminated for “several security violations,” but NASA wasn’t inclined to elaborate. What suspected violations prompted his subordinates to investigate their boss, the information czar of NASA? Which specific policies, which he himself may have written, did he violate? They say a warrant was signed for the purpose searching for evidence of these violations on “electronic storage devices,” and that they found child pornography. I’m no attorney, but I’m confident that anything discovered during a search which wasn’t specifically listed in the warrant, is inadmissible in court. If a warrant is served for the written purpose of searching for “security violations,” then any discovery of child pornography can’t be prosecuted, as it’s not relevant to the court-ordered scope of the investigation. Did the warrant specify child pornography and if so why? Why does the article state the scope of the search was “information related to NASA and his work” if child pornography is what the investigation appears to have concentrated on? It seems clear that he was charged for the pornography, given that his alleged pornography was so thoroughly investigated. [Review of another article confirms that he was charged for possession of child pornography]

The report claims that Lawson admitted to downloading “600 to 800” illegal images. Who estimates such a number? I could imagine Lawson saying he downloaded “hundreds,” or “so many that he lost track,” but not “600 to 800.” That’s a very strange estimate. I’m sure that I’ve done several things “600 to 800” times, but I have no idea what they are. It’s not human nature to maintain a tally in ones mind of how many times they’ve done a thing, especially when that number is in the hundreds. I think it’s unlikely that Lawson would say this. In fact, I think it’s unlikely that NASA’s information czar would say anything at all. After thirty years of secrecy and administering over NASA’s full spectrum dominance of information, certainly he would admit nothing, and would allow his attorneys to do the talking for him. Why would a man spend thirty years admitting to nothing and ensuring that nobody else admitted to anything, only to admit to a thing where doing so could mean a prison sentence? It might even mean a life sentence, given his advanced age.

It sounds very much as though Lawson fell out’ve the good graces of someone very high in the space secrecy hierarchy. Consider the content of the article, even. It discusses Lawson being committed to a psychological institution, it says that he’s suicidal, and it says he was found in possession of child pornography. In just this one instance, all three of the primary classical arguments of counter-intelligence slander are being utilized. He’s crazy, so you can’t trust what he says. He’s suicidal, so don’t be shocked if he kills himself soon. He’s got child pornography, so he’s basically a child molester. He can’t be trusted, he’ll kill himself, he’s a child molester. COINTEL’s calling-card is laid out plain for all to see.

I haven’t had any luck with finding any updates on Lawson. Whether or not his case has gone to trial, whether or not he was found guilty, or even whether or not he’s even still alive alludes me. What I do know is that it seem incontrovertible that Lawson is being burned at stake. It seems clear that he isn’t an enemy of the state because he has child pornography, but that he has child pornography because he’s an enemy of the state. So you’ve gotta ask yourself, what’s the real story? What information did Lawson possess that the establishment was unhappy about? More importantly: what was Lawson planning on doing with it?

Whatever it was, it wasn’t small. If it involved NASA’s COMSEC Admin of thirty years, the man who knew all and controlled all, then whatever inspired these circumstances was earth-shattering. Lawson was seventy years old. It could be that like so many before him, as retirement and rapidly approaching mortality reared it’s head, he was thinking about disclosure. He was thinking about telling the world what he knew, and the information on his electronic storage devices was the evidence he needed to back up his claims. So don’t trust him he’s crazy and don’t be surprised if he’s already killed himself, but don’t worry if he did because he’s just a child molester anyway.


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