Video: Fascinating Study Shows Dogs Reject People Who Treat Owners Unkindly

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A fascinating new study on dogs relationships with their owners indicates that the old adage is true:  a dog is truly a man’s best friend.  But just how loyal are dogs to their human companions?  It turns out that canines are loyal enough to reject people who they do not believe treat their owners kindly.  

According to GeoBeats News:

A recent study from Japan has shown that dogs will tend to reject people who refuse to help their owners, even if they offer treats.

It turns out that dogs reject people who are not nice to their owners.

In fact, a recent study from Japan has shown that a canine will snub the offending person by not taking a snack from him or her even when it is offered.

Three role-playing experiments were conducted several times that involved a dog, its owner, and two strangers.

When the owner requested assistance in opening a box, the first group featured a person who refused to help by turning away, the second group had someone who did lend a hand, and the third showed no interaction among the people at all.

The other stranger did not have a role in any of the groups.

Afterwards, the unknown people offered the animal treat, and after a few iterations, the researchers found that in the first group, the dog took the food from the unhelpful person only about half as many times as it accepted the snack from the neutral third party.

Otherwise, the rate of acceptance was fairly similar among the others.

For researchers, these results seem to indicate that dogs, like humans, can act based on assessments of others instead of purely out of self-interest.

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