Ukip Candidate Wants To Ban Benefit Claimants From Driving

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Ukip Candidate Wants To Ban Benefit Claimants From Driving

According to a Ukip election candidate, benefits claimants should have their driving licences suspended to ease up traffic on Britain’s roads

The Huffington Post reprots: A Ukip general election candidate has come under attack over a leaflet which suggests benefit claimants should be banned from driving

Cllr Lynton Yates, member of Leicestershire County Council and the party’s parliamentary candidate for the local seat of Charnwood, made the controversial call as part of an attack on the controversial High Speed Rail 2 project, which he branded a “complete waste of money”.

“We could likely remove 6 million cars from the road if benefit claimants were not driving,” he goes on to say.

“Why do they have the privilege to spend the taxpayers hard earned money on a car, when those in work are struggling to keep their own car on the road? These people could really catch a bus!”

Asked by the Mirror how he’d do this, Cllr Yates said: “I’m sure people will say ‘what if they’ve got a job interview. Well I’m sure if you had nothing to do you could leave a bit earlier and get a bus.”

The suggestion comes after the now infamous calls from outspoken ex-Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom for unemployed people to be banned from voting. Ukip has also called for long-term benefit claimants to be banned from using their money to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or satellite TV subscriptions.

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