Millions of Germans Rise Up Against Fascist WEF Agenda – Media Blackout 

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German farmers have taken over the streets of Munich and Berlin, demanding their country's WEF-infiltrated government grow a spine and stop catering to Klaus Schwab's every demand.

German farmers have taken over the streets of Munich and Berlin, demanding their country’s WEF-infiltrated government grow a spine and stop catering to Klaus Schwab’s every demand.

Tens of thousands of German farmers are now bringing the fight directly to the socialist government, railing against the new policies designed to drive farmers out of business in favor of meeting the WEF’s Net Zero goals.

According to the farmers, if the government doesn’t drop its war against farmers, they are going to take their protests all the way to Davos where they will personally hold Schwab and his cronies to account.

This is no ordinary protest. More and more people from outside the farming industry are joining the protests. That’s right, ordinary people, fed up with the globalist agenda, are rising up against the global elite. And second, the mainstream media has been ordered to downplay what is happening out of fear of a contagion effect.

At this point we have to ask, why are they so scared? And what is really happening in Germany? We’ve got the inside scoop coming right up.

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Germany’s leftwing coalition government announced the anti-farmer policy in mid-December as part of a radical shift towards meeting Klaus Schwab’s draconian Net Zero goals. The government want to impose a diesel tax on farmers, and price them out of the market when it comes to fertilizer, both of which will make the business of being a farmer far too expensive for all bar the super rich.

It’s no coincidence that Bill Gates has been buying up farmland in the US and Europe as though it’s going out of style.

With Gates now seizing control of America’s food supply, is it a coincidence that globalist institutions like the UN have suddenly started warning about an incoming global food shortage?

In total, Gates now owns approximately 242,000 acres of farmland with assets totaling more than $690m. Land is wealth, land is power, and, more importantly, hundreds of thousands of acres of farm land provide Gates with the ability to control humanity in ways he has only dreamed about before.

Such as opening insect factories on land where cows once grazed.

The plan is the same the world over. The global elite are forcing farmers off their land, making the industry increasingly expensive and unprofitable, before seizing the land and wielding even more control over humanity.

But the people are rising up in massive numbers and refusing to allow the government to push the nation’s farmers out of business.

If the German government’s plans sound familiar, that’s because they are following the same playbook as the Dutch government which also declared war on their own farmers to please their overlords in Davos, forcibly seizing farms and driving farmers out of business.

In case you think this is only a problem in Europe, think again. The global elite have the United States in their sights. Biden’s climate czar John Kerry explicitly threatened US farmers with Dutch-style farm seizures in order to meet WEF Net Zero goals, stating that farm confiscations are “not off the table.”

According to the German government, the majority of the nation’s farmers must go out of business and Germans must learn to restrict themselves to eating smaller portions of food – and in particular, much smaller portions of meat, if they can afford any meat at all.

That’s right, Klaus says no more hams, sausage or bratwurst for the German people. Instead, they can look forward to developing a taste for crickets, mealworms or whatever other insects the global elite decide to make available for the family dinner table.

But they forget to ask the German farmers. And they are not going to stand for it.

The global elite see a future for humanity where we are completely dependent on the global government, dine on bugs and crickets, while they own our land, and for some reason we are happy because we own nothing.

Make no mistake, the global elites’ war on farming is serious. When they can’t coerce farmers to exit the industry, they are even willing to pay them off.

In the Netherlands the government was “paying some Dutch livestock farmers to … exit the industry”.

The “pay farmers not to farm” scheme isn’t just playing out in the Netherlands. Both the UK and US have put similar schemes in place by paying farmers to reduce their own meat production. Denmark, Belgium, and Germany are also considering similar policies.

Governments are telling their citizens these schemes are being rolled out to “protect the environment” and we simply must accept higher prices and less choice to save the planet.

However, as the world battles record-breaking inflation, and the global economy teeters on the brink of recession, is paying farmers not to produce food really the answer?

It is almost like canceling new oil and gas leases while the cost of gas is skyrocketing.

For those who think the situation we find ourselves in is an accident, think again. If the Western governments of the world were trying to impoverish their own citizens, what would they be doing differently?

Also, factor in the phenomenon of food processing plants mysteriously exploding or shutting down because of other reasons.

The global elite have created the perfect storm.

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